Monday, 3 November 2014

Blogger : Anupama

"Anupama" a perfect blogger who shares her thoughts about the products which she test and give genuine feedback. I have read her reviews which are very useful for me. So I recommend every body to read her post and stay connected with her. You can find tutorial section on her website from where you can learn new styles of eye makeup, how to apply a lipstick and a good makeup. She inspires every girl to use only genuine products to avoid any harmful effects.

You can catch her on given links of different social networking sites.
Facebook: Plums & Beauty
Youtube:Anupama Eyyunni
Pinterest: Anupama Eyyunni
Instagram:  Plumsnbeauty
Google+: Plums & Beauty Blog
Networked Blog: Plums & Beauty

Plums & Beauty's Amazing Post

Her Fan Followers : 

Some screenshots of her work :


Kuddooz to this wonderful girl and a big round of applause for sharing her experience and helping us.


  1. A very Thanks to you Bhawna for this post, I am highly obliged :*

  2. +AnupamaEyyunni
    My all work paid off with your generous words, thank you so much.
    I am happy you like it.

  3. so lovely