Thursday, 15 October 2020

Science Questions Series || Class 7 || Electric Current And its Effects

Hello Readers!
These are the practice exercise from the chapter Electric current and its effects. 

  1. The flow of electricity through a conductor is called __________.
  2. __________ is very useful because it can run many appliances in our day-to-day life which make our work easier.
  3. We can use a __________ to obtain electricity that is safe for performing science experiment.
  4. Electric current is actually a flow of charged particles called __________.
  5. A continuous conducting path between the two terminals of a cell or battery along which an electric current flows, is called __________.
  6. A cell has a __________ terminal and a _________ terminal.
  7. In an electric bulb there is a thin wire called __________ which became white-hot and glows when electric current passes through it.
  8. A __________ which tells us how the various components in a circuit have been connected by using the electrical symbols of the components.
  9. A group of cells joined in series is called a _______.
  10. An electric current can produce three effects: _______, ________, and ________.
  11. The degree to which a material opposes the passage of current through itself is called its _________.
  12. The electric heating appliances work on heating effect of _______. 
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Saturday, 10 October 2020

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