Wednesday, 20 January 2021

Project Hair care- Importance of Nutrients for hair growth



I have created a series of hair care in the month of January. In my first post, I have mentioned the structure of hair, and what I am going to cover in this series. Its name was  Let's talk about hair.  My second post was about causes of hair fall. In that post, I tried to cover all those scenarios which cause hair fall or hair loss. That post was named with What are the causes of hair fall?

Hair fall occurs due to many reasons and without working on those reasons we keep on finding the remedies, so before adopting any remedy whether it is a natural way or a cosmetic way, we need to improve our diet and should understand the cause of hair fall.

“If your hair is falling out at the roots, often something is going wrong in your body or in your life situation,” Dr. Bergfeld says

Here are some nutrients required by your hair111 and deficiency of them will cause hair fall.

1. Vitamin A: It is one of the most important nutrients for hair growth. It is responsible for producing natural oil which moisturizes the scalp, known as sebum. Sebum helps in keeping the scalp healthy, and restrict dandruff or dryness. Vitamin A is mostly present in yellow or Orange colour fruits and vegetables. 

2. Vitamin C: This vitamin needs your attention because it plays vital role in hair growth. In most of the cases, vitamin C is the root cause of hair loss/hair fall. It is responsible for the production of Collagen which is a building block of hair. It is required to have vitamin C daily as it protects hair from premature greying, split ends, and weak structure. 

3. Iron: Deficiency of iron is directly related to hair loss. Our hair follicles needs iron for growth and if the body doesn't get the enough amount of iron then hair start shedding off and will weak your hair follicles. 

4. Protein: Hair are made up of protein fibres that means for good volume of hair, high protein diet is required. Less protein means less hair, Low protein diet leads to hair fall, split ends, weak structure which may lead to baldness.

5 B-Vitamin: B-vitamin is Biotin, it also plays a vital role in hair growth. Deficiency of it causes to hair fall. Biotin also helps in the production of keratin which is another type of fibrous protein. Biotin is also considered as the food of the hair. 

Benefits of Water for hair 

Water is the most essential component required by our body, as it helps in the smooth functioning of our body . Even our hair strand contains water so the required amount of water is needed by hair for staying healthy.  It is used for  hydration which results improved digestive system, good skin, and healthy hair. It is required to drink 2 to 3 litres of water for better absorption of nutrients and removal of toxins. If intake of high protein diet, then it is required to drink plenty of water for its digestion. 

Stay connected with hair care series for remedies in the next post.

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Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Project Hare Care - What are the causes of hair fall?


Hair fall is the common problem among people and there are many reasons behind it. Normally we shed our hair but if you find it more than usual than it's a matter of concern. I have listed few causes:

1. Hereditary : Observe the pattern of hair loss in your family if it is in the same pattern then this is a genetic cause of hair loss. It starts with thinning of hair and start falling in a pattern similar to your siblings or parents.

2. Stressful Life: Lifestyle is one of the major causes of hair fall. It all depends on the type of sleep and duration of sleep. Stress is not that how much burden you have, it all depends on what's your attitude of taking your work. 

3. Pregnancy: This is also a major cause when women face hair fall but this is only for some period. Pregnancy brings hormonal change in the body  which needs time to adjust, due to this reason women faced hair fall problem.

4. Less nutritious food: Your skin and hair are like the mirror of your food. They both will react same as the quality of your food.  Nutritious food is necessary for all, so everybody has to focus on it. Junk food and the bad habit of taking food is very hazardous to hair and skin. 

5. Hairstyle : Nowadays women and men, both are very conscious  for their hairstyle, so they opt different hairstyle and use electronic products on hair which initially worsen the quality of hair and then be the reason of hair fall.

6. PCOS: It is a common hormonal disorder which affects the menstrual cycle and increases the chances of infertility.  PCOS is also a reason of major hair fall but increases facial hair and body hair. For more details you can also read my post on PCOS .

7. Lack of cleanliness: Washing your hair is the common hygiene which you maintain for heathy hair. If you wash your hair too frequently or improper washing then it will also be a reason of hair fall. Over washing will imbalance pH balance of hair which should be 4.5 to 5.5. 

8. Weak Immune system: Week immune system is the cause of every disease, so it also affects your hair and resultant hair loss. Immune system needs a balanced diet which contains vitamins, protein, carbohydrate, iron, minerals etc.

9. Major Surgery: If there is any patient who has gone through a major surgery then also he/she can face the hair fall problem.  

Stay connected to the series of hair care. In the next post we will discuss the remedies of hairfall. In previous post we have discussed the basic introduction of hair

This blog post is part of the blog challenge ‘Blogaberry Dazzle’ hosted by Cindy D’Silva and Noor Anand Chawla, and happily SPONSORED BY RRE Studios and SHOWCASE Events.