Wednesday 20 February 2019

Fame of Green Tea #SuperBloggerChallenge #Instacuppa

Green Tea Is More Demanding Than Chai 

In India, Chai is the most popular hot drink among Indians. This is not just a cup of tea it's that first thing wakes you up. Everybody thinks that it's energy giving drink, yes actually it is. But, Chai has not been taken in that manner, people added as per their taste and that's the reason it started harming.
Now people are pretty health conscious and find out a new way to manage both the things Chai and Health. The concept of GREEN TEA came and started flourish in the country and people adopted this new trend happily.

Basically, Green tea is originated from China and Japan and its popularity is spread in many other countries. It is quite good for health and also help in losing weight. Green tea is full of antioxidants and nutrients which help the body in maintaining the metabolism, improves brain functioning, and many other benefits.

Best Benefits of Green Tea

Burn Calories
If you have 2 to 3 cups of green tea then you will burn lots of calories. But besides this, you have to maintain the eating habits that you should not have oily food.

Bad Breathe
Green tea has a quality that it removes the bad breath and eliminates those bacteria which causes in raising the bad breath. Also, it keeps the teeth healthy and reduces the risk of infection.

Strong Brain
The brain is the head of our body and everybody wants a sharp brain and Green tea helps in achieving this wish. It not only boosts the power of the brain but also gives enhancement to the functioning of the brain.

Booster for skin 
Green tea is enriched with anti-oxidant which acts as a booster for skin, it reduces the acne, wrinkles, blemishes, and reducing ageing of the skin. Apart from green tea, our kitchen is full of other healthy food for growing skin.

Healthy Hair
Regular use of green tea also improves the health of the hair and not even you can also use used tea bags for your hair wash. After using green tea bags, take two glasses of water and add that used green tea and boil the water and then use that water for rinsing.

Check on Cancer
Green tea reduces cancer and up to some extent it helps in preventing cancer. Also reduces the cholesterol and normalize the blood pressure.

Green Tea is like an AMRIT , start taking it in your daily routine and reduces the milk tea. Green tea is full of goodness and health benefits.

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  1. Green tea has immense benefits and you have showed it all on your new post. Love dit totally.

  2. I too love green tea alot and yes, the benefits are innumerable

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