Wednesday 13 February 2019

Final Exam Days Of Children Week 1 #superbloggerchallenge #instacuppa

Stressful Days Of Final Examinations

February-March are the months of hard work for all children, teachers, and parents. This period is quite hectic too especially for children, so as a parent it's our duty to make the things easy for kids and take care of their diet also. I have sorted out some points which we should take care during the examination. 

Go through the entire schedule
It is important to understand the entire schedule for examination and what are the things a child may require during this period. Make a list of requirements and purchase them in advance. 

Sorting of Assignments and test sheets
The child must have a revision schedule in her school so keep an eye on that and make a record of marks and the mistakes. Keep all the tests and assignment papers in a folder and make it sure that they are subject wise. 

Work Completion
Check the copies of the child thoroughly and cross check it with the syllabus booklet. If any work is not complete then coordinate with the teachers or with the classmates' parents. Your involvement boosts the child's confidence and the child also feel supportive.

Healthy Diet
Make some healthy snacks for the child because, during these days, the child's hunger pump up. Give them in small intervals. Add some dry fruits and make sure your child must have a required amount of water. As water plays a vital role in studying, it keeps her mind cool and hydrated. Milk is always in the hit list of a child's requirement. Give her fruits and green leafy vegetables too.

Playway Method
Never shout on the child during examination, as this is a stressful period and there is a possibility that the child may take this in a negative way. Try to make the study time light in which your proper focus on the diet and on the play time. It is mandatory to read a moral story while the child is going to sleep. 

Ample appreciation 
AS your child is doing her best so your appreciation boosts her enthusiasm and interest in studies. Make some appreciation of gifts whenever she does good. Appreciation encourages passion and overall interest. 

Weekend compulsory outing 
We have to work on overall behavior and character of the child so its necessary to maintain all the aspects of child development. Spend some time with your child outside of your home. You will see the difference after a few continuous weekend outings. 

The are some points which every parent have to take care of their child during final examinations. I have applied these and seen some drastic change in my baby's behavior and his interest in studies went up. 

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  1. I will surely follow all these during my examination. Such useful tips.

  2. I'll keep all these in mind for future reference.

  3. Very well curated post. I remember I used to follow this schedule. Going out for walks for a break from the studies was a must!

  4. Very well described.I can totally relate to it.

  5. I used to follow a very similar routine for my exams in my school days. Routine always helps in taking away the stress.

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