Monday 21 May 2018

Think wide Capture Wide with #Mobiistar #starselfieseries

Photography is the medium to capture the surrounding and imprint it for your memories. We are thankful to our inventor Joseph Nicéphore Niépce who presented the world first photograph. After his invention, there were drastic changes in the technology and made the photography a career and a passion for people. Initially, people were used to take photographs occasionally but now they are not leaving a single moment to capture that happy moments. Besides a new term has been added in photography "SELFIE". It is nothing but taking photographs of your own, in this type of photography the distance between the camera and object is quite less.  

Popularity of Selfie: Selfie is quite popular especially when the mobile enable cameras introduced. Initially, the cameras are only on the back side of the phone so people take a selfie by facing the camera, this technique was not so appropriate to take a selfie then again technology rotates the magic wand and new phones were introduced with the front camera, selfie special and many more. Through this new era the selfie becomes more popular, it is because people are not dependant on other people to capture their moments. This is why SELFIE is the most preferent mode of photography.

Love for Selfie:  Although I am not a good photographer selfie motivates me to try my hand on photography, not professionally but yes for my personal purpose. Some of the selfies are quite near to my heart because through those selfies I can peep into my history and memorize those moments which I spent with my loved one. 

Album of happiness through Selfie:

These are some of the selfies which are quite near to my heart because all of them have some reasons behind it. Out of all one selfie I like the most. The selfie is in the mirror, which has been taken after lots of efforts and making an exact angle of my phone camera. As this selfie is special because in one hand I have a mirror and on other handphone plus the neckpiece is on my head which is not tied with any of the hair clip. And while I was taking it, the light is not appropriate and only one place in my room where the right angle of light was falling on the mirror which makes it a clear selfie. This 

Some facts: Selfie is one of the easiest means of taking your own photographs but in this camera quality, angles and the position are quite important. There are lots of techniques, ideas are available on the internet which makes the selfie more enjoyable and happening. One accessory that is Selfie stick is very useful for capturing selfie mode picture of a large group of people. 

Interesting News: A new mobile is going to launch which is going to facilitate you to capture  your selfies from a wide angle. That means you can capture more area behind you and do you know how this will happen because of DUAL FRONT CAMERA, have you ever heard about this ..No naa.

Which Mobile is this? : Mobiistar is a Vietnamese smartphone brand which is going to launch its DUAL IN ONE smartphone in which dual camera is embedded and through these cameras, you can take 120° wide angle shot. That means, no more selfie sticks and no more stretching hand required to take a selfie in which you wish to capture broader scope. So be ready to capture a huge family photograph with your #Mobiistar and enhance your selfie experience, be creative, think broad capture broad with new Mobiistar dual front camera mobile. It is launching on 23rd May 2018 and you can find Mobiistar on Flipkart 

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