Monday 7 May 2018

Disregarding mother is our ostracism #HappyMothersDay #SuperBloggerAcademy

Happy Mother's Day

In the whole world, India is known as the country of culture and love. Infact, we always introduce our country as Incredible India. Do you really believe that our country is incredible, where some people even don't know how to respect their mother? How can those people think about India and how can they deliver their services to make India proud?  

Mother is like a second God for a child. Instead of giving her love and care, she is betrayed, abused, threatened, mistreated and ignored. She is getting this punishment because brought up her children with love, care, and uncountable sacrifices. She has no value because she is not having money as her back up and she needs some medicines for her old age problems. On the other hand, why people do all this? maybe because Money is More Valuable than Mother. People are dumping their moral values in the gutter or somewhere they never want to poke. 

Why Mother is Important And Valuable: First reason is as a human being she should get respect. Now the second reason she took us in her womb for 9 months and bore all the pains which occurred during pre and post pregnancy. We don't know how many times she came forward to protect us from all those scolding from our father. Not only this she fought so many times for us. She has many sleepless nights just to make us comfortable in our exams or if we were ill. 
 While she was busy in our upbringing we all were ignored the fact that she was also growing with the year. Time was making us young and making her older. Now, she is pretty old and unable to take care of herself properly. Don't we have that much humane? That we can do something for her in against for all her deeds for us. 

Let's Pledge: We don't need a day to show our love to our mother, our small gratitude is enough to make her happy. Do you ever know this, When you shower your immense love on her only on 8th May every year, even for this love also she waits for the whole year? We socialize our love to all social media to show how much you love her, is it fine? As far as I know, Love is that transparent thread which can only felt and only tears have that power to show it. Let's pledge that we should maintain the dignity of love that a mother and a child have.

So, disregarding mother means you are making a deep pit for yourself and one day you will surely fall in it and No Mother will come to save or protect you from that fall. 
Whatever you do in your life has an outcome for that, so always be prepared for good or bad.

Stop abusing your mother, love your mother in actual and realize her sacrifices which are done for you. It was her duty to give you all those things which you deserve and now it's our duty to give her love and fulfill her small wishes and necessities. She never ask for these things, we have to own think about it. She only needs respect and love from us. 

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