Friday 2 October 2015

Heart Needs Your Attention: Protect it!!

A well known quote says" When a woman doesn't ask for anything that means she deserve everything" She is the one who devotes her life for her family and do everything for their well being.
She cooks food, she takes care, and she saves money in her small wallet for future problems and many more things. But have you ever think that or do you ever seen that she is doing anything for herself? Hey all husbands and children now take a pledge to move ahead towards her health and see what is lacking in her body and what is she require for running her body smoothly.

#Saffola has introduced a Weight-Heart Test at

Being a mother and a wife, I have to take care of me so that I can take care of my family more passionately. After this test I get this report and by the God's grace I am fine and get a nice report with a walk and Diet Plan. Have a look how will you get the report after getting this test done.

 I have taken pledge to protect my heart and you also take the pledge to #ProtectHerHeart from all disease and take care of her properly. By making small schedules of the day will sure gives you a great results which can be easily observed.
Here are some schedules which you can apply in your daily life and motivate her also to do it with you. With  these small tasks and your involvement  gives her a healthy heart and body.

Exercise :

Minimum 10-15minutes exercise helps in improving the body functioning. It reduces the body weight and decrease the cholesterol level. It keeps the body calm and increase the immunity. So little time with your mother or wife can boost her energy and a quality time makes her more happy and healthy. Exercise will also improves her sleep too.

Brisk Walk :
Walking is one of the simplest physical activity and its adoption in life improves your health and weight. If a lady has gained a weight that the possibility of heart diseases increase so a slow and then brisk walk is a good initiative for slashing the weight and burn the extra fat from the body.Walking prevents and manages the heart disease and keep a check on cholesterol level and diabetes. So, motivate her to walk with you and spend some time with you and  share all the day to day activities. Well said sharing is caring. 

Healthy Food: 
Food plays an important role in our life, as the food as the health
Food also sets your mood and manage the positivity of life. So you can understand the importance of food in our life. Always adopt a healthy food diet for her and for the whole family. Always take care that your and her diet includes Milk, Green Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts and whole grains. Plan the daily diet like this : breakfast should be highly nutritious, Lunch should involve grains, salad, curd, dal , green veggie and the last dinner should be light.

Now I promise to me that I will take care of my heart and eat always healthy food and always motivate others to do the same. I have taken this initiative because “I am joining the Saffolalife #ProtectHerHeart initiative and pledging my support to better heart health in Association with BlogAdda".

I have taken my move and I appreciate your move for taking care of those ladies who plays an important role in your life. And do a test .  Around 6000 people already taken the test. Health is wealth.

 Image Courtesy: Saffolalife and Google

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