Wednesday 2 March 2016

Fuschia : Heart Winning Brand


Fuschia  is the company which provides you the handmade products where they maintain the quality to its extreme and focus on the outcome result  & customer satisfaction.  Today I am going to review three of it’s products but you can have a look on their official website
While you explore this website you will see the navigation of “ Fuschia Skin Care ”  and  under this navigation Bath Salts ,  Cream And Scrubs, Moisturizers,  Handmade Lip Balm, Handmade Soaps under these subcategories you will find distinct products. Now in my space, I am going to review three products of Fuschia

  Garden Lavender Face Body InvigoratingScrub

1       Its ingredients are Aloe Vera , Lavender Flower, Olive Oil, Wheat Germ Oil. Enriched with Lavender, this scrub acts as an astringent and controls acne breakouts. I am pretty impressed with the packaging of the product, it comes in a cute gift bag made of net and with a flowers imprinted. 

Fragrance: Sweet, mild and you can easily identify the lavender’s fragrance.

Look and Feel of Material: Thick and creamish scrub.  If you turn down the bottle without its lid, the material will not come out.

Bottle: It’s a molded edges small bottle with a silver color lid. 

Use:  This scrub is use to exfoliate the skin. It helps to remove the dead skin. This scrub not only tones and soothes your skin but calms your senses

My experience:  I have an oily skin so at first impression I was little confuse “ WILL IT SUITS TO MY SKIN?” then I gave it a try, first I wash my face with simple water and applied the  small amount of scrub on my face. Massage all over the face in circular direction.  And when I washed my face, it was looking amazing so fresh and so clean. I was not feeling any kind of oil on my face, this scrub has removed all dirt and dead skin. Now I am using it 3 times in a week because being a teacher I have a great exposure of chalk  and dirt. It really helps to keep my skin healthy.

Fuschia Tea Rose Handmade Soap:

In the world of expensive face washes people forgot to use soap but Fuschia has come up with the soap which remove all your myths. Fuschia has many handmade soaps with different ingredients. Her is one of them Tea Rose Handmade Soap, this soap is purely natural with a amazing fragrance of Rose. And the presence of glycerin in it give a soothing effect when you use it.

Look And Feel: It is cuboid form of soap with wonderful Fragrance of Rose. Its a transparent red bar with its creamy lather, wonderful fragrances, and pampering yourself has never felt so good.  Its popularity is growing rapidly as a chemical free alternative to conventional soaps. 

Weight / Cost : 100 grams for 225/- but company is offering in 200/- these days.

vegetarian. It is Made with natural ingredients, fragrance and essential aroma oils. Company also claims that  it has healing & curative properties - common skin disorders like acne, eczema and psoriasis can be treated. 
My Experience : I was curious to have a try of this wondrous fragrance soap, It make a silky soft lather and feel light on our skin. It doesn't dissolve quickly, or you can say it a long lasting product. After the bath i hardly seen any sign of roughness, itching and harshness. It gives your fresh feel with a aroma of rose from your body.

In the competitive market of moisturizer, I am sure this moisturizer will sure make a personal identity.  Ingredients will amaze you : Apricot Oil, Aloe Vera, Mulberry Extract, Raspberry Extract, FUCOGE™, Biopol U-21, Vitamin-E, Rich in antioxidants, both Mulberry and Raspberry clarify your skin and delay fine signs of ageing. Along with all the goodness of Vitamin E, this Olive Oil and Aloe Vera based product intensely moisturizes and keeps your skin healthy and supple. Yes, with a mild fragrance and fantastic outcome will sure draw your attention.

Weight/ Cost: 50 ml for 225/-

Look & Feel: Its in a cute little bottle with golden screw lid. The material of this moisturizer is mild and easily observed into the skin.

My Experience: I like this moisturizer for its smell and quality of merging into the skin properly. After using it my skin gets smooth and supple. You will not feel any sort of heaviness on the skin. It doesn't produce any oil after its application on the face.

Overall, I am very happy with this brand and the quality of the products is superb, I am very much impressed. So give it a try to enter in your life.


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