Tuesday 24 May 2016

Bionova- Novawhite : Review

Today I have received a wonderful product from “ Bionova”. I have seen it all around which is full of text and read from all side. Do you also want to know what this product all about is?
Let’s interact with Bionova- Novawhite.

Product Specification

This product is a cream which is specially manufactured for Dark, Dull and Matured Skin. It also claims that it will corrects your ageing signs, wrinkles, dullness, dryness, dark spots, uneven skin tone, lack of elasticity and brings firmness in mature skins.  Quite interesting, a lot of things are in bottle which is enough to attract a woman.

Understanding Of Terms Used In Bionova- Novawhite.
Few points on the cover attract my attention: Presence of Glutathione, Vitamin C, Collagen Peptides and Pro Vitamins. I have gathered some information regarding these terms:-
Glutathione: It is type of antioxidant which prevents you from any disease and keeps you healthy. You will be happy to know that this also produces in your body.
Vitamin C:  Everybody knows that Vitamin C helps to lighten your skin texture.
Collagen Peptides: It’s a natural protein which is produced by our body.

Appearance and Price : Bionova- Novawhite.
It has a plastic bottle with red label and the bottle has a pump dispenser for cream. The texture of the cream is like the skin shade and the consistency of the cream is little bit thick but totally non sticky. The cover has a prize of 1650/- with the instruction that you have to use it within 36 months of manufacturing date. And the quantity is 30 ml. 

Usage Instruction:
Apply this cream daily twice or thrice a day by gently massaging all over face until the cream is completely absorbed. Apply this cream for continuously three to four months for an aged and revitalized skin. Avoid contact with eyes. Rinse thoroughly with water if the cream gets into eyes.

My Experience:
I have utilized it for 20 days twice a day in the month of April. I have an oily skin and I hardly use any cream or moisturizer during summers, because creams make my face more oily and dull. But this Novawhite is fabulous for me, it never made my skin oil, it easily merges into your skin and lastly you never feel heaviness on your face after its application. I used just after my face wash in the morning and in the night same after the face wash. This is how I get benefited with this cream:-
Non sticky Face
Lighten my skin tone
 No sweating after its application, even in summers
Some of the fine lines improved
 Lighten my dark spots on my face
 Its effect is long lasting, I used to apply it in the morning and there is a slight difference in the face when I come back from my work place. 

Glancing Points : Bionova- Novawhite
1: Suitable to all skin type.
2: Non Sticky.
3: Spread and merge easily.
4: Give good results after regular use.
5:  Lighten your skin effectively.
6:  Reduce wrinkles
7: Mild fragrance makes you feel good.
8: Gives a smooth look of the face.
9:  This product is pricey but it might be possible that people think before buy.
10: Not easily available on stores but yes easily available online.

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