Monday 19 September 2016

Shopping Experience : and Website Review with Discount Code

New things always brings interesting turns in your life. As a woman, shopping from a new place brings a new happiness. That shopping place brings new things to see and new desire to buy. Today I will share that shopping place with you.  is the website from where you will come know more brands of beauty products, food, accessories. home decor gifting ideas. Just have a look to the website I am sure you will love to shop from here. These days  Rs 199 Store Trove tab is gaining popularity because you will get the things in just 199/-.

Main Navigation of the website:

Food and Beverages
Bath and Beyond
Pet Care
Home Decor
Gifting Ideas
The 199 Trove

Catchy Points of the Qtrove :

Reward System: This is the most appreciating system of this website. When you make an account you will get your first 500 Qcash instantly. This system guides you how to earn Qcash and on certain milestone of Qcash you will get the discount coupon. This is amazing and pump up the customer to spend more on this site and if you refer your friend then you can give him/her 20% discount on his/her first order and you can also earn 500 Qcash. Qtrove is waiting for  your registration.

Good Mailing System: Qtrove gives good service to the customers. On every order they send you proper email with all description and even if you have not completed the order you will get an email. Qtrove's newsletter system is also good which keeps on updating the subscribers what's going on non Qtrove.

My Experience: 

Before I started my shopping I explored the site thoroughly and tried to understand the system. I have taken few points while browsing within the site. The navigation of the site, sorting and filter function, Search options like seller based, keyword search. All the functions were working fanatically and give me an ease to shop smoothly. I shopped these items which is shown in the picture. 

First Item : Bindu's Hair Oil, cost is 205/- for 100ml. This oil is 100% naural and company claims that it promotes hair growth and hair fall control.

Second Item: Cauvery's Jasmine Soap, cost is 25/- for 125 grams. This soap is 100% free from animal fat.

Third Item: Pratha Naturals's Ubtan, cost 150/- for 100grams. Ubtan is a soap free Ayurvedic body scrub/wash.  

The shopping on Qtrove is cool, smooth and easy going. I got all the things which I need and its filters work fantastically to find my desired products. And received my within 4 days after ordering. 


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