Sunday 22 April 2018

English is no more hurdle, Go for #DefinitelyPTE

"Education is the movement from darkness to light" Allan Bloom

Education is the backbone of a good future for a person and nation as well. Education gives you a happy and stable life, it is the right path from where you will be able to fulfill your dreams and become independent. Proper education plays a vital role in your life and for the fulfillment of proper and detailed education, some students plan their part of the studies abroad. For studying in abroad, they have to go through certain steps which are the requirement for studying abroad. 

Students need to work really hard for getting Study visa and in this process, they find some hurdles and problems. 

▬ Language skills: As India is developing in all their areas and getting recognition around the world. But still, around 70- 80 % school don't follow the international level of English language and at that point, the students of India need to focus a lot on their language skill.

▬ Funds: Studying abroad is not an easy job, as it requires a lot of money because of tuition fee, accommodation fee, daily chores etc. The balance of fund get disturbed and managing it quite difficult sometimes. 

▬ Homesickness: Studying miles and miles away is sometimes hard to live. Due to this factor, some students may feel lonely. This kind of emotions sometimes mislead the individuals from their own goals.

▬ Medical Aid:  In most of the countries, you will only get the medicines until and unless you show them the prescription. So, it is quite necessary that you must have enough funds for this kind of unexpected expenses.

These are some problems which most of the students faced when they move to abroad for studies. Out of all, I can give some suggestion on the first hurdle that is Language Skills. Have you ever heard about PTE Academic? 

PTE Academic is a solution for above mention problem and this solution will sure a plus point for the candidate. PTE is a smart choice for students and migrants who can demonstrate their English language skills for university, Professional, and migration applications. #DefinitelyPTE

Benefits of PTE

╬ PTE Academic is a computer-based language test which is given in a single seating of 3hours test session and the result get declared within five working days. 

╬Test globally for 360 days and spread their 200 centers around the world. 

╬ The application accepted at around 95% in thousands of worldwide institutions. 

╬ It also gets the approval from Australian and New Zealand government for all student visa and migration applications. 

╬ Students can send their scores to n number of institutions without paying any additional fees. 

╬ PTE is a fair and secure because of the high technology has been used for the paper like Biometric, palm scanning, digital signature etc.

Isn't it a big solution to our problem of English Speaking Test? After knowing so many benefits of PTE, you must know about the cost and other requirements of PTE. For all those information 
Click Here

Features of PTE Academics

PTE Academic assesses listening, reading, speaking and writing, all these sections are covered in the 3 hours test session. The test is in this format. Total three parts and each section is limited to appropriate time which means you need to complete accordingly.

After giving this test, you will get the PTE Academic score which is compared to another English test like IELTS and TOEFEL  iBT. With a single scale, you can compare your scores with other English Proficiency skill test. 

PTE Academics issue a report of the individual who attempted the exam and the topics covered in this report are an Overall score, Communicative skills, Enabling Skills. Through this report, you will get the idea about the weakest points and you need to work hard in that area. 

PTE Academics is a full package of preparing yourself and building the self-confidence on the English Proficiency. It also introduced some courses according to your requirement and your preparation. You can click here and get more information about the PTE Preparation Courses.  And need not worry about the test centers as you can find more than 50 countries like Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Spain, Thailand and any more. In India, there are around 10 centers like Aditya Institute of Management, Pune, Global Opportunities New Delhi. Edwise Consultants Pvt. Ltd, Pune. etc.

Preparation Help
PTE has organized an online section where the candidate can prepare for the exam in a systematic manner, Preparation Path. In this section, the candidate can find huge resources for the preparation of all the three parts, sample questions and what are the requirements for the test day. 

Universities Accept Your PTE Score Card

After a strong guidance of PTE Academics, the student scorecard is accepted by many academic programs around the world. PTE has Australian and New Zealand government approval for the student visa and migration application. Some of the prestigious universities which accept PTE are Stanford University, Harvard University, Imperial College London, Central Queensland Univerity. 

PTE Academics is now leading and getting famous for their almost 100% result in preparing the students for the test and computerized 3hrs test with a valid result in 5 business days, do recommend #DefinitelyPTE.   


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