Thursday 5 April 2018

Week 7- Self-Care for future #SuperBloggerChallenge2018 #InstaCuppa

Today people are more concern about their health and looks. They indulge themselves in so many health-related activities for keeping them fit and good looking. They make various plans like diet plan, exercise schedule,  join motivational classes etc for self-care. But what about future self-care? Are you able to care yourself as you are doing now?
How will you be able to care yourself in future? Most of you answer that  "OUR CHILDREN, we are doing so much for them today, they will surely take care of us in future. But the reality is that we hardly get that level of care in our old age.

I have listed out some points, that if we figure out on them, it will sure help out to us. 

Good Behaviour: In our house and at a workplace, we should follow the rules of good behavior. It is because good behavior is the key to keep us in peace and make us happy. Not even this, our children are the replica of our personality. They observe us at the finest level and adapt our activities and behavior in themselves. So, your identity is identified by your simple and sober behavior.

Friendly Relation: All of living a hectic life and unknowingly a kind of depression and anger filled us. We are unaware of this that how it will come out. And mostly it burst out in our house, a place where we get relief and peace. That causes harm to our relationships with husband, children and even with parents. That's like a  termite in our home and in our relationship. Try to maintain a gap between professional and personal life, because only personal will give you mental peace and harmony whereas professional life is the only way to run our livelihood. 

Future Care: Is it possible that money can care us in our old age? The answer will definitely be NO, for that what will you do? There is only one answer to this question is your good behavior and your attitude towards life will help you, whatever you give in your life one day it will surely come back in any form. So, your good behavior with people will help you in your old age.

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