Wednesday 27 February 2019

Hard Rules of Love #SuperBloggerChallenge #Instacuppa

Love means a soft corner in heart and this love makes you sensible and responsible. But have you ever heard about the love which has been measured with money? If you have plenty of money then I Love You otherwise you have no value for anyone.

This has been observed that people are now stressing on money instead of love. People are also realizing that they are feeling more loneliness and stressed. This is because of excess use of technology and for the sake of that technology people are sacrificing love and giving rise to an interest in money. Whereas money is the main source to run our livelihood but without love, it will become a hell.

I have a few questions about the adjustment in life with new people. Why people have a mindset that whatever they have learned from their parents is the topmost and there is nothing else to be learned from others?
Why people accept the problems of their own parents but never accept the problems of  Inlaws parents?
Why the younger generation is forcing older people to live a rigorous life?
Why the respect of older people are measure with their property?

I don't know why people are getting cruel day by day, is the urge of having money in their pocket, making them cruel?

These are the parameters where Love has been measured or the hard rules of getting love from the people. Hope somewhere you are also facing the same kind of problems and same questions ruin your mind's calmness.

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  1. My friends definitely need to read this post because I am very much sure that they're gonna benefit from it.

  2. Agree with you! i loved the topic. finally someone said itt!

  3. Some hard hitting questions there.. The problem of today's age is we love things and use people where as we should love people and use things

  4. So, true. Equating love with returns are not worth of love or respect. You said it there.