Wednesday 1 April 2020

Failure is the part of success - Arianna Huffington #BlogchatterA2Z

A TO Z CHALLENGE: A stands for Arianna Huffington

Hello Readers!

Let's begin the post with an inspirational quote " If you take care of your mind, you take care of the world.".

Today I am going to talk about a renowned motivational speaker Arianna Huffington. She is a Greek-American Author. She was born on 15th July 1950. She has two lovely grown-up daughters. She is now the President and Editor-in-chief of Huffington Post Media Group. For a long time, she acted as an asset of the nation who keenly indulge herself for the betterment of humanity.  She has been counted as the most inspiring person in the world. A lot of time her name became the headline as a motivator who is working hard to change the lives of people. I had seen many of her videos to get that influence of her powerful words.

Human beings need a lot of motivation and inspiration to live this life peacefully and happily. We always run after the success to achieve those goals of life. But have you ever notice that in the lieu of success we sacrifice our peace of mind and sleep. But it doesn't mean that you never achieve goals. Life without goals is useless but along with goals we need to take care of our body and listen to it what it needs. The body won't work for you if you stop taking care of it. After listening  to some videos of her, I energize a lot and inspired by her words and written some points which I need to remember to live my life happily.
  1. Regularly disconnect technology and recharge your body. 
  2. Fear of failures stops you from doing something new.
  3. Bring joy in your day to day life.
  4. Always grow gracefully with your age. There is nothing to hide your age.
  5. Remove stress from your life to take good sleep, meditation and quiet time for yourself.
  6. Stress is like a disease of this civilization.
  7. The first habit to change is sleeping, change it from 4to5 hrs to 7 to 8 hrs. This will surly change your life.
  8. There is no failure while you learn anything or in the path of success, its a part of success.

Today I am happy that I have spent some time with a person who has a powerful existence on this earth. Her motive to charge people to live life with peace and harmony.

Thank you!

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  1. Arianna Huffington is a true inspiration. "There is no failure while you learn anything or in the path of success, its a part of success."
    I experienced this during my recently published book. But when I was able to publish it, it all became a art of the happiness.