Sunday 4 October 2020

Geography Questions Series || Class 7 || Inside Our Earth

 Dear Readers,

Here is another worksheet from geography chapter of class 7. The name of the chapter is Inside Our Earth. Check your knowledge in filling out these blanks. 

  1. ________, ________ and ________ are the three interior layers of the Earth.
  2. The uppermost layer over the Earth’s surface is called the ________.
  3. Crust is about ________ km on the continental masses and only ________ km on the ocean floors.
  4. The main minerals constituents of the continental mass are ________ and ________.
  5. Igneous rocks are also called ________ rocks.
  6. The oceanic crust mainly consist of ________ and ________.
  7. Just beneath the crust is the mantle with extends up to the depth of ________ km.
  8. The deepest mine in the world is in ________.
  9. To reach the centre of the Earth (which is not possible!) you have to dig a hole ________ km deep on the ocean floor.
  10. The innermost layer is  the core with the radius of about ________ km.
  11. Core is mainly made up of ________ and ________.
  12. The central core has very high ________ and ________.
  13. The crust forms only ________ % volume of the earth.
  14. ________ % consist of mantle and ________ % of core.
  15. The radius of the Earth is ________ km.
  16. Any natural mass of mineral matter that make up the earth’s crust is called a ________.
  17. There are three major type of rocks: ________, ________, ________
  18. When the molten magma cools, it becomes solid rocks, thus form ________ rocks.
  19. ________ remains of the dead plants and animals trapped in the layer of rocks.
  20. When the rocks roll down, crack, and hit each other and broken down into small fragments, these fragments are called ________.
  21. There are two types of igneous rocks: ________ and ________.
  22. Sediments are compressed and harden to form a layer of rocks, this type of rocks are called ________ rocks.
  23. Igneous and sedimentary rocks can change into ________ rocks under great heat and pressure.
  24. The Red Fort is made of ________.
  25. The Taj Mahal is made of ________.
  26. Type of rocks changes to another type under certain condition in a cyclic manner, this process of transformation of the rock from to another is known as ________.
  27. Metamorphic rocks which are still under great heat and pressure melt down to form ________.
  28. Rock are made up of different ________.
  29. The thinnest layer of earth is ________.
  30. ________ is the molten magma come out from the interior to the surface of the earth.


  1. Okay, well, I'm failing this test.

  2. Thanks for sharing these resources.

  3. This is fun. Keep it up! - Jojo Reyes Jr

  4. I'm going to share these with my grandson!

  5. I love these lessons and have been sharing them with my homeschooling moms and will be sharing your site with my readers to help those Homeschooling have lessons they can use.