Thursday 22 July 2021

Are Computer Glasses for Kids Really Beneficial?

Due to the pandemic, the world across all sectors shifted online. The education sector was no exception to this. School and college lectures shifted online and the use of gadgets increased––thanks to the countrywide lockdown and online lectures. It seems the parents are left with no choice but to let their kids use gadgets such as cellphones, laptops and computers for study purposes. However, something that bothers them is the future of the kids. 

Will the increased use of technology damage children’s eyes sooner? Is there any way to stop or reduce the damage? A lot of parents opted to buy kids spectacles online but are the computer glasses for kids really beneficial? Let’s find out. 

Blue Square Shaped Acetate Frame - Blue X with Power


Computer glasses block the blue light that emits from the screens such as computers, phones, tablets, LED lights, television, fluorescent lights etc. Kids are more susceptible to the blue light reaching their eyes than adults. Kids who sit in front of screens for a long term tend to develop computer vision syndrome (digital eye strain). 

How to know whether your kid has computer vision syndrome? Here are some symptoms:
Dry & tired eyes
Overall fatigue
Change in posture
Change in vision
Over screen time can affect the sleep-wake cycle leading to crankiness and general ill-health in school. An increase in blood pressure levels too was observed in a study conducted on a group of 5000 students. 

So how can you protect your kid’s eyes?
Buy kids spectacles online that have blue light blocking filters. These glasses are also known as computer glasses. Your kid need not have the power to use these as you get computer glasses for kids with zero numbers as well. These glasses ward off as much as about 80% of the blue light rays coming from the screens thus reducing the risk of computer vision syndrome (digital eye strain) and future health problems.
Light Grey Square Shape Acetate Frame - Computer Spex (Zero Power)
Eyes are quite precious and one mustn’t make any compromise while taking care of them. The current scenarios are forcing kids and adults to spend more time in front of the screen. It is hazardous for both kids and adults as over screen time can mean long-term issues to the eyes. 
Kids spectacles are beautifully designed by keeping their ease in mind. They’re lightweight and enhanced with anti-glare, anti-scratch, UV400 features. The frames are fully rimmed in acetate metal and completely flexible. Three different types of lenses are features with the latest technology that protect your kid’s eyes from harmful rays which emit from the screen. has taken care of all these points that a parent thinks of while buying any eyewear for their kids. The frames are equipped with the latest technology and futuristic point of any injury. Kids will surely feel comfortable wearing them.

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  1. Breaks my heart that kids also need eye protection! But I guess some things are inevitable with changing times.

  2. Your post is quite apt. On one hand, getting kids in front of the computer for long hours is not advisable but COVID-19 has left is little choice. So using these special spectacles is a good way to prevent eye problems.

  3. This was a much needed information Bhawna. My daughter's online classes have just started. And she would need these tyoe of spectacles.

  4. I have experienced it. The only problem is when you get habituated to it, you won't like it without glasses. And I feel same thing goes with kids as well.