Thursday 26 March 2015

Clicks gives you money

Hi friends,

Today I am going to introduce a site from where you can earn some money through surveys. These surveys are online and your internet should be on while doing these surveys.  All you have to register on this site and fill in the required information.


Name: Ipanel In Click on this link will direct to the Indian Version.
Required things: Valid Email Id, Paypal Account.
Points: In this site you have to collect points through survey and with your daily login.
Redemption : Minimum points required 2000 to redeem.
Payment: You will get your amount in your bank account via Paypal, the most trustable site to get money in bank account.
Paypal: For making an account in Paypal you need a bank account and pan card. Most important thing, your Pan Card and Bank Account name should be matched to have a valid paypal account.

Proof of the site :

Explanation : Total points means I have earned 2370 points till date and out of that 2100 points redeemed. 270 points is still pending to redeem. Here each point is equal to 1/-. 

How points are earned?

In the above picture you are able to see the survey links which will be shown on your account under Paid survey option. Click on each link or each survey and complete the survey. Sometime you are not eligible for the survey so at that moment also you get 1 point. 
Second to get more surveys do login daily and your daily login also gives you 1 point.

 Proof of payment:

In my latest redemption I have redeemed 500/-.  on 11/2014.

You have options to redeem your points either Cash or gifts. When you redeem your points keep your mobile phones with you because you will get a code on your phone no. which you need to paste  while redemption process. Till now I have redeemed only for cash so in that case you need paypal account. 

Happy Earning , be genuine and honest to the site.


  1. Thank you for introducing me to this site! It's a great site to make a good buck!

  2. Thanks for posting such an informative post.

  3. Great post! Earn money from the blog. Is it only exist in India?

  4. Asti It's an international site, you can also earn.

  5. Awesome post. very informative.


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