Sunday 15 March 2015

#HappyHairChallenge : After A Month Conclusion

Hair problem is the most common and famous among girls and boys. Common problem among them is Hair loss, dandruff and discoloration of hair. And girls have to face weaker hair, weak roots, split ends, unmanageable and easily tangled hair.
Reason behind these problems:

  1.  Fast Food
  2. Unhealthy food habits
  3.  Less intake of water
  4. Intake of hard drink
  5. No oil massage

I was also in the same boat , hair problem, which restrict  me to open my hair or adopt any hairstyle.  On February 15, 2015 I accepted the #happyHairChallenge  from Garnier. My experienced with this shampoo for one month was amazing. I had around 14-15 hair washes during the month challenge and I find good result.  The problem really get reduce and hair are now on the healthy track. Given below are the answers of  few questions which I have before this challenge  and  after  this challenge  I answered myself.

How is the product?
Answer:  Garnier always come up with the great products but the end user never uses it efficiently. For example Garnier Fructis Triple nutrition shampoo and conditioner  is filled with beneficial contents which are enough to nourish your hair. But we end user's food habits and less intake of water weaken its effect. This is all I observe, I took good food and drink lots of water and got 100% results from this product.

Will this product resolve the problem of my hair loss and fragile hair?
Answer:  Previously I used one hair oil for massaging but this shampoo has three oils content which are enough to nourish my hair. And these oils have given strength to my hair. If you see in my first post you will see my comb was full of my hair but now I can comb my hair with fine bristles comb with very few hair in it. They are now silky touch and easily detangled.

What is the public opinion for Garnier  company?
Answer: One day one of my neighbor came and I discuss about this challenge with  her, She automatically spoke a lot about Garnier, She said, “I am using Garnier since 7 years and see my and my daughter’s hair. I will never adopt any other shampoo ONLY AND ONLY GARNIER

My Experience , Observation and Conclusion:
Garnier is the brand on which I can trust and I have full faith on it.  A month experience with Garnier  Fructis Triple Nutrition was nice and wonderful, my hair problem really get reduced and now I can say my hair are alive now and they have full freedom to stay open because Garnier is always there to take care of them.  I will recommend it to all my family and friends.

I am #Happy after this #HairChallenge 


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