Monday 30 November 2015

Your Baby Needs Your Proper Attention

I was blessed with a phase of life, which is also a part of nature. Yes, I was pregnant,  I have entered in that part of life where I keep framing those things which will going to happen after 9months.
Holding a baby in my womb and with a regular check up I came to know about his growth and development. My eagerness was in full form because I want to touch that SOFT SKIN which was developing in my womb. I want   to feel that adorable touch which will cherish my emotions.
 14th November ,a day when I was blessed with a baby boy and various changes also came into my life on that day. Now, I became a Mother, a responsible and more sensible woman.

After taking my baby into my lap, various questions were scrolling into my mind:-
How will I maintain his smooth skin?
How will I keep him healthy?
What kind of products should I use to protect his skin?
What kind of hygiene level I need to maintain?
After his birth, a careful journey has started where lots of precautions and preventions has to be taken. I have adopted these FIVE THINGS to keep my baby's skin healthy and soft.

CLEANLINESS: One of the most important things, Cleanliness makes your baby healthy and germ free. As a child’s skin is very soft and which is also easily affected by the germs, so to make him healthy through cleanliness. Always use chemical free products to clean his skin because chemical free products never harm his body and never dry his skin. 
BODY MASSAGE:  There are few companies in the market which have earned a great goodwill for delivering baby oil which nourishes the child’s skin and bones. A child’s massage is one of the essential things in taking care of his skin. Massage increase the blood circulation which keeps bones and skin healthy. 
TRIMMING NAILS: If you see the baby’s nail grow much faster than his body and he use to scratch his face with these sharp nails. For taking care of his skin, do check the nails regularly and trim them also.

EXCRETA: New born babies always intake liquid so the passing of urine is more frequent and which is also the factor of making him unhygienic and this is the point where every mother need to take lots of care of him. You need to clean his parts properly and washing it again and again makes his skin rough and some babies also suffer rashes. So need to apply the body lotion after each wash. Through this his skin will not lose the moisture and body lotion makes his skin soft and moisturized.
CHOOSING BRAND FOR DIAPERS: Diapers are the helping hands of the mothers which helps her to protect the baby from infection because the diaper protects the baby from wetting, infecting, keep the baby dry and moreover make him happy throughout the day.  And whenever you change the diaper always wipe your baby’s buttocks softly and apply the body lotion.  Now the question arise which company gives you a best diaper for your baby, I truly recommend Pampers, they know what a baby needs and what kind of hygiene level a baby require for his keeping his skin healthy, soft and supple.
Pampers is the brand whose products are the most softest for your baby skin. Not only me but millions of mother have adopted the Pampers for their babies then why not you? I am happy to share my child’s bringing up experience and my helping hand Pampers.

“Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy. ”

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