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“We aim to enable and create access to businesses around the world.”  is the place which gives exposure to the small  vendors and creative small businesses. It gives a well planned and well designed platform to small businessman/ businesswoman who can’t afford to creative an attractive platform to start their business.  And the platform of  is accessed by the worldwide communities that means your product is going to popularize in the world and from here you can create your customers around the world.

Important Pin Points

Market Place:

In this option you can see many products at a time which are posted to sell.  Moreover, a categorized collage you can see which will take you to your desired product, if you are a buyer and if you are a seller, then your product will get a proper and exact place under which it can be placed and it will give ease to the buyer to look your product. As picture says the categories of the Marketplace:  Kids, Bags, Christmas, Fashion for her, Up cycling, Furniture, Food & Drink and many more option you can see on  


It’s a kind of posting an Ad. on the site to sell your particular product or if you really want to resell any of your product.  Every product is labelled with some keywords which will help you to search in search option. Mostly the classified have two tabs Buy with  and Contact Seller.


The look and feel of this community option is like posting on G+. You can post anything in community and you can share that product on facebook and twitter also to give more exposure to your product.


In the option of people you will get number of people who are the members of this site with whom you can connect and share your agenda and your views. You can follow then, you can message them too. With this option you get connected to those people who also engage in the world of small business. You can develop your business with them too.

Why you should connect with

1-      HUGE AUDIENCE: You will get a kick start to your business. After making your showroom on ezebee, you will get a huge audience to view your product and you also get an opportunity to get word of mouth advertising.  More possibility to get orders national and international.
2-      LISTED IN YOUR CITY: You get listed with all the vendors of your city who are the members of this site.
3-      NEWSLETTERS: With the help of newsletters, your information will be delivered
4-      FORUMS: With the help of forums your queries are resolved and also get ideas from other members
5-      FREE -FREE: There is no need to pay anything for joining this site. You need not to invest anything to make a platform for your business. You need not to pay anything for advertising and collecting customers throughout the world. Not only will this post not expire as long as you desire to drop it. You are free to open numbers of showroom.

Sign Up Now and start your business to get a kick start. is waiting to see you as its member.

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