Saturday 19 December 2015

#KnowYourRights by Amnesty International India

Let's start with a small story of a girl child, who was ruined by her relatives. Yes, when she was in 5th standard, her male cousin physically abuse her a lot. But she was afraid of telling this thing to her mother. One day, she was sleeping on the rooftop and her neighbours also sleeping on the adjoining roof. And in the mid night a man came to her and start abusing her physically, this incident made her weaker. Her insured soul keep on restricting her to tell about those maltreatment to her loved ones. And when she was in 9th standard her father also started abusing physically.
These incidents made her introvert and a weak girl who always ignore the teasing of boys and always try not to meet with the people.  This is the only one unrevealed case,  just imagine the countless cases of those girls who are the victims of social violence.

Questions stood up at this point:
1- Why did those males abuse her?
2- Why those hidden facts of that girl were not came in front?
3- Why she has not had that courage to tell all those abusing to her mother?
4- Why she forget about her dignity and self esteem?
5- Did she underestimate her self esteem?

To remove these questions from the society, we all need to spread the awareness about the   #KnowYourRights among each and every woman.  So that, slowly and gradually we all make a change in the society to remove this sexual violence. We all should know our rights and also encourage the survivor to report about the social violence.

Here are my opinions on this :

1: Woman is that human being who loves her self respect a lot and if anybody hurt it, she went into the deep and without the emotional support you can't take her out from that deep. The same thing happen with the victim of a social violence, we should support her to raise her voice against that crime from which she had gone through. We all should give more respect to her for taking such steps towards the culprit. And through this she encourages to move on and come out from that depression and sorrows.

2: Staying mum was never be the solution of the problem, to make her realize that you are the one who can raise voice and tell the whole world about those culprits by complaining to Police.  With this step, she can protect other women also from that culprit and to cut down the raising percentage of the social violence.

3: When a woman has gone through any kind of atrocity, then she should raise voice against those sinners in such a strong way that the law will get affected and pressurized by her voice to give them strict punishment. And this loud voice will get a name for future and enhance the power of other women to come forward and ask for justice for that maltreatment which they have already brushed under the carpet.

After reading my views, I wish that you should watch this video

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