Friday 24 June 2016

ACO: Monetize Valuable Opinions.

Do you use computer? 
Do you use mobile?
If the answer is YES, then one more question arise are you utilizing them in a fruitful manner? This is all about the analyzing your usage of internet over the computer or mobile. The great people has invented the technologies just for our convenience and ease. So, we should utilize it in a good way or I can say when you analyze yourself after using the technology, you should get the answer Yes I have utilize it in a efficient way.  
Today I am going to introduce you a website where you can share your opinion with them and you will get paid for that. Yes, Get Paid For Your Opinion .
American Consumer Opinion is made up of several million consumers worldwide who get paid to participate in surveys and research projects. This panel was created in 1996 and till now running successfully. 
American Consumer Opinion is owned and operated by Decision Analyst, Inc., a global marketing research and analytical consulting firm headquarted in the Dallas- Fort Worth area in the United States.
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How it works?
You can take the membership of this website absolutely free. All you need to sign up and fill in all the required details in the sign up form. You will never asked for buying anything or paying.  On the basis of your profile you will get the surveys which are conducted by the several companies. All you need to give your genuine opinions. 

After the completion of survey you will get the points but sometimes you will be screened out for which you will not get paid. Through the process of completing different surveys you have to collect the 1000 points and 100 points means
How to cash out?
When you reached to your threshold then you can redeem your points via paypal option.
What about your personal information?
When you register to this site you will have to enter some of your data in the registration form. DON'T WORRY about your personal data like Your name, Address, email id etc. As per the policy of the company all the data is kept confidential. That means your data is secure.

How reliable it is?
Decision Analyst Inc. meets the BBB accreditation Standards and got the B+ rating.

What you need to do?
Complete your registration form first by filling all answers of the questions. And the most important thing is keep on updating it. Check your account regularly for any kind of update is there or not. Given is the screenshot of how your record show on your account window. Arrow indicates that you have to keep it upto date.

Don't waste your time and start utilizing your valued opinions  with ACO and earn.

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