Monday 20 June 2016

Fromote : WAN for Advertisers and Influencers

Blogging is fun as well as challenging. Isn't it?

The perception for blogging has changed these days. Bloggers deliver a great amount of input in the business development for a brand. In-fact, people take blogging as a career seriously.  BLOGGING is not easy when you do not get the good platform to work on. A platform where different brands give you the opportunity to put in your best effort for their business development. But the question arise where is this PLATFORM?

Answer is FROMOTE

I am in the initial stage of blogging and I have a good social influencing power but I am not using it in a right direction. Fromote gives me that direction and platform where I can use my capabilities and influencing power in a right way.

Fromote gives a platform to meet Advertisers and social influencers. I have seen these screen which are flashing on the first page of Fromote and as a blogger I felt good that I came to the right platform.

These three screens make me curious to know more about Fromote and then I watched its video which helped me how it works.

Through Fromote different brands come across about me and gives me the opportunity to work with them in promotion of their product. This work not only monetize my work but also  I am able to give a good impression for brand promotion. I utilize my social media connection by sharing the content with them.

My Startup experience:
In fromote different campaigns were created by the Advertisers (brands) and Influencers  (bloggers/ social influencers) grab those campaign opportunity. 
Through this way social media were utilized in a professional way. And two communities ( Advertisers and Influencers) work hand in hand. Its a great experience specially when you work professionally and keep on increasing your capabilities to grab more opportunities. This is happened only through Fromote.

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