Friday 17 June 2016

I Love the Man whom I got married.

A thought come out of my heart's corner, when I got married. A person came in my life of the sudden and become everything for me. I hardly get enough time to spend with him to know about him and how he takes the life and all.  He was not playing any role before marriage and after the marriage he is everything for me even I have start loving him. My brain said,” he is the person you have to love, to adore and to share everything.” But how can I do all this, because a feeling come out from my heart and it cannot be ruled by Brain. In this way my inner soul kept on fighting with my brain and my heart.

Days passed, years passed. He supported me in the walk of life every now and then. Slowly and gradually I started   realizing that he is the person whom I am married is so nice, kind hearted and he respect my feelings. He is not just a HUSBAND, HE is my backbone. I saw his sincerity towards our relationship. Sometime he ignored my rudeness to protect our relation. I saw him cooking when I was ill. All these make me fall in Love with him. Here my soul started molding my brain and heart. These entire things made me feel the aroma of love.

Our love is magical, though we both are different person with different attitude and behavior but the togetherness between us make a tight knot and make us happy all the way. We always share everything but always give space to each other because sometime everybody need a time when he/she doesn’t want to allow anybody into his/her den. Sometime expectation wants to create a wall between us but we know how to handle this, this all come to live together, spent time together, and respect for each other.

When we fight and don't want to speak with each other just a couple of hours send a sorry note always writing a same note on it “You are one whom I Love, You are the one whom I fight" and a kiss in the end.

Now the day come when My Brain and My Heart both say that I Love the Man whom I got married.

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