Tuesday 7 June 2016

‪Maybelline #‎12HourSummerFresh Challenge - Wins everywhere

Challenge with the scorching heat 

Isn't it thrilling? Challenging a summer season that your heat may not affect my glow? Scorching heat, sweating and skin darkening, all this happen when you go out. And you get a damaged look after spending time in the summer's scorching heat.

WHITE SUPERFRESH COMPACT -  Lots of people praised this product for its qualities. They also claimed that it gives a long lasting effect on your face and keep your face fresh and sweat free. They also proved that in different sort of activities this compact works wonderfully.

After listening so much of positive response. I was also curious to give a try to this product and use it in different situations. My challenge to this product means giving it a permanent space in my purse, if it gives me #12HourSummerFresh.
I opted three activities and checked its quality of giving freshness. 

1: School Working Day

I used this compact in the morning and came back at 3pm. See the collage and you will notice that there is not much difference in the face after having a hectic day in school with 42 degrees of temperature. I have not washed my face in between.

2: Outdoor Shopping:

Shopping, shopping and shopping with same glow from evening to night. You can see some fine lines of tiredness but the glow is same. This is the second challenge of #12HourSummerFresh. 

3: Went out for Movie

I went for the movie at 4pm and faced those hot air blows on bike. I was confident that my face will not get affect with those blows. As I have a layer of White SuperFresh compact. 

In the nutshell, Every girl wants a product which makes her glowing in summer season and this compact wins the heart of girls and make a place in their purse forever. Now me too keep this in my purse. The challenge of Maybelline for #12HourSummerFresh wins the race. It proves that it works wonderful in any condition. 

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