Sunday 4 September 2016

Ethicare Remedies : Ospis Soap Review

Ethicare Remedies is consistently working on the products without compromising the quality. The main motto of  various products is care the skin, how to brighten up the skin and provide what your skin needs. Ethicare continuously working on the accomplishment of the product quality. 

 I have reviewed Epiplus Lotion  and Cutishine Face Wash. They both are wonderful and a categorized products. Epiplus is a cleanser for sensitive skin which is mild in nature and on the other hand Cutishine is a daily facewash which is specially made for Oily- Acne prone skin.

Today I am going to introduce with one more product of Ethicare Next, that is Ospis skin care soap. I am using it from last two weeks, to test it on me and how it works on my skin.

Product View:

Basic Information
Packaging : This soap comes in rectangular cardboard packing and with a transparent polythene cover.
Cost : 69/-
Self Life: 2 years
Weight : 100 grams

Company Claims:

Ospis premium soap with Aloevera- a natural non- sticky moisturiser, hydrates your skin to keep it healthy all the times. Ospis premium soap also contains Chlorhexidine gluconate - an anti bacterial trusted by most of the dermatologist, which keeps your skin free from pathogens disease producing bacteria. Silicone fluid in Ospis premium soap is a foam stabiliser and conditioner, which makes your skin soft and supple. Light perfume and rich foaming keeps you refreshing every time you clean your skin with Ospis premium  soap.

My Experience:

Curiously opened the soap and found incised text on both side, one side it is Ospis and Ethicare Remedies on other side.Soap is white in colour and the feel is creamy. Rounded curves gives an advantage to get fit in your palm. The mild fragrance gives you a soothing effect. Now the real test, I have an oily skin, I have tested this product when my skin was extremely oily, ruined by sweat and chalk dust. When you rub wet soap in your palm the soft and creamy foam produce. I washed my face and rub the foam in a circular direction just for 30 seconds and then rinse off with normal water. I saw my face was clear, no oil, not even dry.

Nutshell: Ospis is a good soap with a content of Aloevera. It smooth and supple your face after wash. It clean your face from the deep and remove all dirt and oil. It also maintain the moisture level. The shape of the soap is good because its rounded curves fit in your palm.

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