Friday 2 September 2016

Meet An Identity : Yogesh Jasnani


Yogesh Jasnani is the point of attraction of my blog post. He is the well-known in the industry for his jewellery collection. Two words which can describe his collection is Bold and Beautiful. The uniqueness of his collection is detailing, elegance and the crafted gemstones.

Let's know more about Yogesh : "The secret to success in jewellery styling is to innovate and experiment with different styles. My hallmark is my craftsmanship that is seen through the detailing of each piece and my ability to break barriers to suit my clientele. I can safely say that my style does not only inspire you to live your life with elegance but also to indulge in a spirit that stimulates your inner most beauty." Read more in About Me Section....

 Jewellery is not just adorning a woman but it also enhance the inner beauty with a confidence that you are looking beautiful. Yogesh Jasnani's collection with a message speaks that jewellery is not just to wear it has some purpose behind it. Women should wear jewellery for enhancing their personality and sometimes Jewellery speaks that which she unable. Mr. Jasnani's all collections are come from his innovative ideas, the way he took each gem and aim for new creativity.

Words are less, His collection is enough to Impress

Mr. Yogesh has shown the love of woman for jewellery never ends. And if you pay attention on the quotes of the pictures above, they all are sayings of a woman's heart. It seems that he has read the urge of a woman for jewellery and how much she adore the accessories to adorn herself. He believes that every woman should look unique in her own style and keep this in mind he designs the
jewelleries which are unbeatable.

 Mr. Yogesh Jasnani is the identity in the industry because of his passion for showing creativity and uniqueness to design the best jewellery. His hard work and dedication shown him a place where he is called "YOGESH JASNANI IDENTITY"

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