Thursday 22 February 2018

Week 1 - Self Care #Superbloggerchallenge2018 #Instacuppa

These days I am running through different situations which leads me towards dissatisfaction and depression. I am sure these things will also happen in others life also. So I decided to do something for me or it can be for YOU. 

There are so many questions gone through in my mind which keep on asking. Why I am unhappy? Why the other materialistic things are affecting my motivation? Why I am getting so allergic to things. Why my skin is getting dull day by day. Why I have a negative attitude and why I underestimate my own skills?
These are so many questions but I am unable to answer them at a time. After a deep thought on these questions, I got a clue, first I need to write down my good things and bad things. 

Now, I need to work out on these points. How to increase the happiness and how to decrease the dissatisfactory points from the life which are depressing me. Now again a roller coaster going on in my mind, from where I need to start. SO... A BIG SO ... unhappiness always affect your health so thought to start from a point “How to get a good health?". I have written the bad health factors which are creating problems for me.

Bad Health Factors:
1 Increased Weight
2 Habit of Tea
3 Less Water Intake
4 No exercise
5 Less sleep
6 No time for myself.

Now I have started a program on me to get me out from the world of depression.
From the very day I promised me to take 8 hours of sleep and increase your water intake. For water intake, I have set few alarms in my mobile which give me a candid reminder for water. And for tea, I started taking take only 3 cups of tea, one morning, one afternoon and one in evening.
I know my promises for me takes time to bring back my confidence and happiness but I will stick to my points which I have written for me.
Keep on watching this space what else I have done in coming weeks. I know these are my problems but may the steps which I am taking will also help you out.

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