Thursday 1 March 2018

Week 2 - Self Care #Superbloggerchallenge2018 #Instacuppa

When we talk about the self-care that means you need to be in discipline and follow all those rules which you have set up for yourself. In my last week self-assessment session, I wrote down all those things which are hindering in my life and those points which give harmony in my life. Now I took it as a project to enrich my body with positivity and enhance the healing power.
I am not the person with high willpower but putting quite a small task for me can be an easier one to achieve what I want. I started my mission of being healthy:-
*15 mins walk
*Less tea intake
*Make 1:30 hrs alarm for water intake
*Keep calm especially while facing aggressive situation

Benefits of these 4 tasks

15 Mins walking: Everybody’s life is busy but the most important thing is they all don’t have time for themselves. So these 15 mins will give me that time which I will spend with me and nature which provided me mental peace and walking will enhance the functionality of my bones.

Less Tea Intake: My mindset, Tea boost me and give me instant energy and it also helps me to bring the wakeup call easily … How silly I am…Isn’t it? But Tea harms our body by slowing down the digestive system, cavities in teeth and also develop joint pains.

Short alarm for Water: Less water always create problems in our body, we all know this but still drink less water. I have started taking 3 glasses of lukewarm water in the morning and divided 2 liters of water throughout the day. It really helps you and moreover, if you take lukewarm water it will affect you more.

Keeping Calm: Calmness is the check your mental status and in this check, most of the people failed. So keeping yourself calm is quite necessary, it will strengthen the power of mind and makes your more thoughtful. Always instruct your mind that he have to stay calm in any situation, you will see the effect of this instruction. The calm mind will never allow you to use harsh words while communicating with anybody.

Self-control and self-realization are two keys to life which makes you the better person. Start making small tasks for yourself which helps you to stay healthy physically and mentally.

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