Thursday 8 March 2018

Week 3 - Self Care- #Superbloggerchallenge2018 #Instacuppa

In this week of self care, we talk about your inner zeal to travel. Traveling doesn't mean that you are wasting your time and money. 
It has some other significance in our life. Traveling means that you are getting a chance to live in a different environment and do all those things which you do in your daily routine. Here at this point when we are talking about self-care, a question may arise how traveling is related to self-care?
Self-care means give time to yourself, that precious time which helps you to rejuvenate your inner feelings, inner strength and inner passion. And traveling is also a part of self-care because it empowers your mind to see the nature around you and gives you mental peace, also an opportunity to learn those things which are out of your box. 

Advantages of traveling in respect of your self-care

  • Aura of other places and people kills your worries and gives you mental peace. 
  • It increases your knowledge about the culture of people and place. 
  • Food of other place changes your mood and enlighten your inner peace.
  • Gives you time to heal up from those things which dishearten you or demoralize you.
  • It builds up your strength and regains your inner power and enthusiasm. 
  • It helps you to give time for yourself and discover more about your likes and dislikes. 
  • Photography is a thing which helps you to collect memories and on a piece of paper. I have a strong thought or believe that memories and nature cherish the most.  

These are some advantages which directly affect your self-healing power and motivates you to do some self-care. I personally had a great experience when I went to Nainital, forgetting all my worries and left them to Faridabad. Nature, people of Nainital, food, visiting places, and animals, all mesmerized me with their presence and freshen up me. I really felt energized when I came back to Faridabad. As that traveling to Nainital gave me time to spend with my family and enjoyed every moment of those 4 days joyously. 

Give time to yourself to travel somewhere to regain your lost energy by doing same things again and again. Plan a trip with your friends or family and do try some adventurous! Love yourself, you are the wonderful creation of God. Your life should not be wasted on useless things.  
Pack your bags and Gooooooooo....... 

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