Friday 16 March 2018

Week 4: Self care with #InstaCuppa, way to make your drink healthy #SuperBloggerChallenge2018

In this week of Self-care, we will ask few questions about our lifestyle and what we do to maintain our health? For sure everybody will answer, that we should do exercise, drink lots of water and eat fruits and vegetables. But how many of us really follow this or do we really give appropriate time to our health?

If you ask me, I make a habit of drinking two and a half glass of water in the morning and always drink a glass of water after half an hour of my meal. And take a small bowl of fruits at 10 am every day and a half glass of milk daily at night. But this is not enough because of our body needs more. At this point what we can do? 
Need to change some of our drinking habits add some infused water. Who will make this infused drink for you? Have you heard about Instacuppa Instacuppa makes small containers which help you to make your healthy drink anywhere and moreover without any hassle. 

Some self-explanatory lines about Instacuppa 
"All InstaCuppa products are manufactured exclusively for us with great attention to detail and are imported to India. We try to minimize the use of plastic and go for healthy alternatives, like bamboo or glass. Our goal is to offer you the most ergonomic, 100% BPA-free, lightweight and durable accessories that will help you enjoy your healthy recipes anywhere, boost your stamina and turbo-charge your wellbeing! "

 Instacuppa Products

InstaCuppa Fruit Infuser Water Bottle Tritan Edition 

 Features of this bottle 
* Anti-sweat Neoprene Sleeve
* Stainless steel Protein shaker ball
* Made from top quality Tritan
* BPA free and leak proof.

Why you should use this bottle: Infused water is enriched with vitamins and minerals. It helps the body to hydrate for long. All you need to put slices of fruits and cold water, shake it and your fruit infused water is ready. 

Cost : 999/- (offer price)

InstaCuppa Thermosteel Bottle / Thermos Flask 1200ml With Fruit Infuse

Features of this bottle: 
* Your drinks will remain cool for 24 hrs
* Hot drinks will remain hot for 12 hrs
*Vacuum Insulated and Double walled stainless steel.
* Premium powder coated Matte finish

Why you should use this bottle? : It gives your healthy drink more life. You can keep your green tea for long and helps you detox your body anywhere. Isn't it good to keep your healthy drink always in your pocket?

Cost : 1499/-

InstaCuppa Double Walled Glass Green Tea / Detox Infuser Bottle

Features of this bottle : 

* Gives you a choice which health drink you want to keep fruit infused water, coffee, green tea. 
* The glass bottle inside keep the drink at its temperature for long
* The material of the bottle keeps your drink fresh and healthy. 
* No more bottle sweating or it will not slip from your hands.

Why you should use this bottle? This bottle is 4 in 1. You can make your loose leaves green tea, tea bags, fruit infusion, coffee infusion. Its an option for keeping your all-purpose health drinks which can be hot or cold. 

Cost : 1499/- (Offer Price)

On purchase of the #Instacuppa product, you will get an ebook of  Fruit Infusion water recipe book which is filled with recipes for  Weight loss and detox drinks

Learn one detox drink for you  : 

Stay Healthy and take care of your self. 

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