Thursday 22 March 2018

Week 5 - Self Care- #Superbloggerchallenge2018 #Instacuppa

Every week we talk about self-care and work out on how to pamper yourself by doing little things. Self-care is nothing but a satisfaction and few steps towards yourself, which take care of your soul and body. Here, when I talk about myself, I can say I will be healthy if, I am emotionally fit and few good habits of healthy eating.

Pay attention to given below things for self-care: -

Mental Peace: We all know that we all are living a hectic life and we also have a myth that money can give us anything. For the sake of money, we all are ruining our life by doing work and only work.  And in the process of making money, we all have lost our mental peace. We all need to pay attention to mental peace.

Self-satisfaction: Whether you are working or non-working, self-satisfaction is quite necessary. You should neither compare yourself to anyone nor try to make others down, such activities makes a person cunning which leads to dissatisfaction in life.

Correct point of views: Since childhood, 80% people attracted towards negative things because we are consciously diverted our mind towards negativity. At this point, we have to keep a check and divert our mind towards positivity. For this, we need to spend some time with nature and children. These two factors enhance the happiness and mind positivity.

Passion for work: We always go for that work in which we get happiness and satisfaction. Because you always put in your 200% in your work, on the other hand,  work which is done unwillingly leads to depression and downfall in life.

Self care is always on the top because it will give you happiness, health, and positivity. Your daily routine also plays a great role in it. Here I would love to keep you connected with self- care thoughts and views which I have talked about in last few weeks. 
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