Sunday 25 March 2018

71% of water is not enough, Save water Save future

The time has come to save water on high priority. Is it so?  Aahh! our Earth is covered with 71% of water, no need to worry. This is exactly the same mindset of the people. They hardly bother about the condition of water, the usage of water and the impact on water due to environmental change. Before we talk about more on water usage or its crisis on Earth, let see the facts of water.

Facts of Water

▼97% water on Earth is salty which is impossible for a human being to drink. Around 2.1 %of water is in the form of glaciers and icebergs and less than 1% water is for drinking purpose.  

▼A major part of our body is made of water, the fact is, an adult has  60-70% of water, a small baby is around 77% of water. 

▼Apart from human beings, plants and animals also need water to live. 

▼Various companies and industries also require fresh water for their production purposes. 

▼Humans need water for cooking, bathing, washing, drinking and etc. 

Let's calculate: We have less than 1% of fresh water and we have a number of dependencies on water, do we really have enough water to use lavishly? Do you ever think about your bathing habits, that how much buckets of water you use to take shower? It's around 10 buckets and you ever calculate that the trees on one-acre absorb gallons of water and moreover their leaves send thousands of gallon water up into the air, which is more than enough to fill a swimming pool. 

Come to the point: We, human beings, are miss using of water and wasting it for no other reason. A glimpse of our bad habits which leads to wasting of water. 
▲We use showers to take a bath instead of a bucket of water. 
▲We keep the tap open while brushing and washing dishes or other utensils. 
We use harsh detergents which require more water to wash clothes.
We always take and give a full glass of water without knowing the level of thirst. 
We encourage children to play with running taps in summers.
We tend to wash our vehicles with more water instead of simple wiping. 

Paani ka Bachat ka Mantra #CuttingPaani : 
Earth is our mother and it's our duty and responsibility to protect it in all possible ways. As water is the major part of it so we have to take care of water and conserve it. Our little efforts will make a big change in coming future. Not only today but also our future will be gone save. Today in the whole world India is going through a water crisis and there are many areas where the people don't have access of fresh water, for example, core areas of Rajasthan, where women walk miles away from their home to collect water. Think of this situation, and start saving water.  Some tips for conserving water are:- 

1. Use waste water from RO for wiping, washing dishes and even use simple wiping of vehicles, flushing in toilets. 
2. Livpure has also taken initiative named as #CuttingpaanI, you can also follow this initiative, take and give a half glass of water instead of full glass. If you need more water then take another half glass. Through this way, you can save water. 
3. If you have some leftover water then collect at one place and use that water in watering plants, use that water for flushing in toilets.
4. Give EDUCATION to kids that how and why water is important to us. 
5. Never throw waste material in water, because this leads to major harm to water and water animals. 
6. Stop the tap when you are brushing your teeth.
7. Plant rainwater harvesting system in your home. 
8. Use waste water after washing clothes for mopping the floor.
9. Give a regular check of your taps whether they are leaking or not.
10. Try to give water to your plants in early morning or in the evening because if you give water at noon then there is a high possibility of evaporating water.
11. Use of broom instead of water for cleaning the area.
12. You can serve leftover water to birds and animals.

Celebrate World Water Day: Every 22nd March is celebrated for highlighting the importance of fresh water on Earth. Mark this date on your calendar because this is not just a day but a reminder for you that you have to save water and educate your children to follow the rules of saving water. 

A small video which will help you to move your little step towards saving water and a petition for conserving water spread it and opt it. 

 Some duties and responsibilities are more than family because these duties are for human welfare and protect our future. Start #CuttingPanni.

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