Thursday 29 March 2018

Week 6- SelfCare with people who invigorate / deplete you. #SuperBloggerChallenge2018 #InstaCuppa

When we talk about self-care, our mind thought of exercise, self-pampering, healthy food but what about friendship related to self-care. Is friendship one of the factors of self care?  Actually yes, the people we choose as our friends also impact in our life in a significant way. Today we will talk about how people  affect your life and your mind-set to your self-care process. 

Life is very short and we need to do lots of work, so there should be no place for negativity in this short span of life.We know the basic of our life, is filled with happiness and sadness. These are the two parts of life in which people around us plays an important role. Their presence in our life defines the weightage of happiness and saddness.   Our role is how we choose people or allow them to interfere in our life. And here a point arises how will we come to know that people around us are good or bad? 
Do a small work out whoever the people around you make a list of them and categorize them under two heads. 
1: People who invigorate you in your life?
2: People who deplete you in your life? 

Answers of these two questions will make a clear picture of people and you will identify their purpose in your life. Because 80% of our happiness and sadness depends on these surrounded people. Here I would like to add one more point, always respect people but the rate of their involvement in your life is totally upto you. Never waste your energy to those people who are trying to demotivate you, demoralize you or restrict you. 

Choosing right people and deciding their involvement in your life is also a part of self-care. When you get good vibes from people, those vibes will automatically improves your areas of  emotion, mental and physical. Besides this, your temperament also  improves.  You will feel calmness, patience and behaviour slowly and gradually inculcate in yourself. The two words  "Self-care" has a great impact on your personality and behaviour. 

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Take care with Self care

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