Monday 28 May 2018

Woman Menstruation #NoMoreLimits

Today, 28th May 2018, dedicated to World Menstrual Hygiene Day. On this day, awareness about the good Menstrual Hygiene Management. The step was taken by German Based NGO to dedicate a day to good hygiene. This date is opted because it is the most common date when the cycle of women falls.

We are not aliens: It is generally observed that the woman or a girl who is in her periods kept aside. She is restricted to enter in kitchen, temple and especially in initial days she is used to sit on the floor. Why a female is tortured like this? Is this really in her hand? Or Is this a crime? We all know God has created us and He must have thought something when she made such cycle for a woman. When He made this, then He has written somewhere that woman should not come close to any of the God? The answer is Nobody knows. Isn't it superstition.

Need Extra care: A girl needs extra care when is going through such period because there are more mood swings, pain in lower abdomen, irritating situation.  She has to take care of hygiene and pay extra attention to her clothes, she always stays in attention position because of the possibility of getting the stain on her clothes. In spite of these mental pressure, we people behave like she is a culprit. Culprit...Is it so?

Proper Education: Why a girl is not getting proper education on menstrual cycle? It is seen that mother usually explained to her that every month, there are 5 days in which she bleeds and for protection, she needs to use sanitary pads. But you won't find any sanitary pads used by girls who are living in rural areas. They are used to use leftover or rejected clothes pad which is quite unhygienic.

Hygiene tips for the Menstrual cycle.

■ Always try to keep you clean.
■ Don't use your sanitary pad more than 6 hours. If you do so then there are the chances of vaginal infection.
■ Take a healthy diet and drink lots of water.
■ Bath before you go to bed.
■ Go for walk-in fresh air.
■ Avoid junk food.

This World Menstrual Hygiene Day (May 28), our endeavor is to break the taboo that engulfs this natural phenomenon that is the basis of the very existence of human life on earth. This post is a part of a Blog Train hosted by Anupriya of where 14 wonderful ladies have stepped forward to express themselves this #MenstrualHygieneDay and stress on the fact that there are #NoMoreLimits for a woman.

 I would like to thank Sinduja for introducing me. Sinduja ( is a Chennai resident and a civil engineer. She is a proud mother of a 3months baby. 

And also I would like to take this opportunity to introduce Sayeri ( . Sayeri is a Kolkata based blogger who loves to write about fashion, parenting, beauty, and makeup. She is a digital marketing professional and blogging is her passion.

But wait there’s more! You stand a chance to win a DEA Corp Menstrual Cup worth Rs. 2500/-. You just have to visit and leave a comment about your #NoMoreLimits experience.

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