Monday 4 June 2018

7 Days Challenge #OpenNtalk

Are you satisfied with your body structure? I know most of the people were not, even I am not. I always want to keep my body in shape but hardly stick to the rules. So I thought of this idea to create small challenges and these challenges are only for short period. And I am sure I will stick to it and will get some results. As I am gaining weight day by day and feeling very uneasy.

Here I am listing some of my symptoms which shows that my body needs a proper attention.

♥ Gaining weight
♥ Eating more without any hunger
♥ Shoulder pain
♥ Increasing arm fat
♥ Feet pain
♥  Increased intake of tea
♥ Always in stress without any reason
♥ Uncomfortable while I go to bed.

So here is a big list of my body problem but now instead of making a big list of things I distributed all of them in small parts. This is my first week and I have challenged myself to walk for 20 mins daily in the morning as well as in the evening. I have opted walking is because walking is the easy one and can be done easily too. There are many benefits of walking which helps me to heal in a natural way without eating any medicine.

Benefits of walking

Walking is the only exercise which impacts your whole body not only this it also benefits your future health too. Only thing is to be regular to walking. Given below are some benefits of Walking

🚶 Walking directly improves your sleep and mood
🚶 It improves your joints.
🚶 Increases your metabolism
🚶 It also strengthens your muscles
🚶 It reduces heart strokes
🚶 It improves blood circulation.

Keeping these benefits in mind I started my journey to improve my body with #7DaysChallenge. I will stick to it and let you know the improvement in my next blog post which is also a challenge for my improvement without the medicine without a doctor.

I am writing a series of challenges which is of my own choice to write. I have a team of fellow bloggers who are also writing with me at the same time as a teamwork. I would love to introduce my team members. The name of our team is #CROSSBORDERSISTERS You can reach them on their blog and any of their social media account

1: Aditi:  Blog| Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
2: Manisha: Blog| Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
3: Dr. Priyanka: Blog| Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
4: Anagha: Blog| Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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First Week Entries of my #CrossBorderSisters

1 Anagha
2 Aditi
3 Manisha
4 Priyanka

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