Tuesday 12 June 2018

Anti Acne Mask : Vedantika Herbals

Vedantika Herbals is a brand which provides true natural products without any harmful chemicals, colors or flavors for a conscious healthy living. This brand came into limelight when researchers, scientists, and food technologists decided to launch innovative products with the highest level of purity without using any chemical preservatives, synthetic colors, and fragrance. 

Out of the huge collection of natural skin care products, I am reviewing Vedantika's Anti Acne Mask which is a unique blend of herbs. This product claims that it helps in controlling Acne and makes Face clear, refreshed and blemish free.

Ayurvedic - Anti Acne Mask

Product Description: This product comes in a plastic bottle with an airtight lid and a screw cap. The quality of the plastic bottle is good enough to secure the content. The content is in the powder form which is of light yellow color. It has a little sharp fragrance. The powder is quite fine and can easily turn into a paste. As you can see in the image this is of 70grams which will cost you for 250/-. The life of this product is 14 months after the date of manufacture. It should be kept at room temperature and don't forget to tightly close the lid.

Application and Use: As recommended, Take 1 teaspoon powder. Add rose water to make a paste. Apply on Face and neck. Let it dry for few minutes then wash off with water. 
Vedantika Herbals Anti Acne Mask is an excellent nourishing mask for acne-prone skin. It not only controls the excess oil but also remove the dirt &  dead cells. The mask lightens and fades out the blemishes, pimples scars and mark to give a clear and flawless complexion. Regular use of the anti-acne mask prevents skin breakouts and leaves a soft, fair and glowing skin. 

My Experience: Before using it, my oily skin always invites pimples and then scars. Initially, I used it three times in a week then slow down to two. This product not only controls my excess oil but also prevent more pimples. Its antibacterial and antiseptic properties deep clean my skin. It lightens the dark spots on my skin. This product works quite well on my skin and I never faced any kind of irritation or itching. It has taken care of my skin gently and gave a soft & glowing skin. 

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 

Pros & Cons: Quite Effective, Perfect as product claims, No side effect, No artificial fragrance But little costly.

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