Friday 3 April 2020

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A2Z Challenge Day 3: C stands for Chetan Bhagat

Hello Readers!

Chetan Bhagat is the personaity which is quite famous in youth. He has that power to deliver good thoughts to the youth. He is a famous author in India. Sometimes you feel that how useless talks he is doing but this is how he makes us learn big things. He knows how to show the right path to all kind of people. 

I have seen his videos where he tends to make us understand the small things of life, relationship ans success. Here are some points which forced me to write them down in my notebook.
  • Goal is not a goal untill it is framed with time.
  • Success never see your intelligence or genuiness,it only checks your mental spirit.
  • In your life, you need to choose companionship wisely.
  • You action plan will decide the time for your goal achivement.
  • If obstacles try to ruin your goals or your action plan then replan your action plan. 
  • Do faith in you in all circumstaces. 
  • Make your mind powerful that it can work in less time also with full speed.
  • Don't get jeolus of people who are doing good, learn from them. 
The special thing in him is that he gives you so basic examples of life, to make you undertand the big thought, a big pump up to your way of thinking. 

Thank you

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