Saturday 30 May 2020

Book Review : Irrationally Passionate by Jason Kothari

Name: Jason Kothari 
Book Title : Irrationally Passionate
Publisher: Harper Collins
Availability : Hard Copy, Kindle 

Books are the real treasure of our life. Every book has its own importance and unique message. Today I am going to write about Jason Kothari's Irrationally Passionate. This book is all about Jason and his life.
Jason's childhood was quite struggling. He has explained that how the entrepreneurial skills were  developed in him with the period. He admitted that all failures, improved his way of thinking, sooner all those failures start turning into his success.  This book is an inspiration for all those people who want to run a new business or who were already started.   


Let's talk about more about this book: 
Jason was born in upper middle class family. In his family there are total four members mother, father, his your brother and Jason. Jason had a tough time during childhood, and he also shared the situations he faced in different phases of his life. Jason also emphasized on the hard work and dedication, both of them help in getting success. With his strong mindset, he overcome from all obstacles came into his life. 

Jason has divided this book into 11 chapters and each chapter has its own significance. They explained life rules and business rules. How to take the opportunity and how to work out on failures. 

Jason's personal experiences reveals that entrepreneurs never give up, they must always think of an alternative to cross the obstacles. 

In the end of the book, Jason shared the seven golden pillars for new startups. He emphasized that these pillars are actually a framework, which helps in strategy making for new startups. He also shared four mental concepts for keeping an entrepreneurial mindset.

A line which is impressive that "Entrepreneurship may not make you better than other but yes, it will make your better version". A major line "My turnaround from rebel to entrepreneur" says that if you have a strong attitude and positive approach then you will change the life's approach. It will turn you from failure to successor. 

My recommendation : 
Instead of this small review, I would suggest you to enjoy the journey of learning with Jason's own words and read his book. The flow of book will take you to the lifelong lesson of business strategy and how you should take the opportunity and why should never give up.

I assure you that, this book will not disappoint you. If you are in a thought of some businesses plan then it will guide you how to apply techniques and how to make a framework. 

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