Tuesday 2 June 2020

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In the period of lockdown everybody has made their timetable for the day. Everybody has set their preferences to spend the day. Out of those choices one of the choices must be movies. Isn’t it? Even me to plan to watch some good movies with my family as this is the best way to spend time with your family. Here I would love to introduce you to a bunch of Telugu movies which are totally free. Here is the glance of movies.

This sort of arrangement you will get on ZEE5. ZEE5 is a collection of categories of movies. All this you can watch for free. I have a set of movies which I enjoyed watching on ZEE5. Before I share the list of movies which I enjoyed with you, Here are some points which will ease watching  and sharing.

Features on ZEE5:

You can share the movie with your friends
You can make your own watch list
You can embed the video of the movie too.
These are some of my hand-picked movies in Telugu on ZEE5.

Baava is a Telugu romantic  comedy-drama film. Star cast of this movie are Siddharth & Praneetha. This movie is a love story between rich and poor. Here the boy Veerababu  is from a village of Venkatapuram and the girl Varalakshmi is from a rich family. They fall in love and get married but as you know it never is so easy of a love story so watch this movie for more emotional scenes on Zee5.

Papanasam is a 2015 Telugu dubbed drama thriller film starring Kamal Haasan and Gautami. In this movie, Suyambulingam is just a Cable-TV operator and he faced some crucial situation in his life where he was suspected for an IG’s son’s missing case.  You will enjoy how he handled the situation and what were the extreme steps he took to save his family.

The movie is Anthaku Mundhu Aa Tharuvatha. It’s a romantic movie and the star cast were Sumanth Ashwin and Eesha Rebba. This movie is based on a live-in relationship for the sake of getting to know each other.  There are several ups and downs in the film. Star points of  this movie as the big hit and also nominated for Best Film at the International Indian Film Festival.

Vinayakudu is a 2008 Telugu comedy film starring Krishnudu, Poonam Kaur and Sonia. Karthik. Friendship is the base of this movie. How a girl had a breakup with a guy and how she felt good in a relationship with another guy , Karthik. But a point came where a misunderstanding occurred which ruined all the friendship. So what next in the movie watch it now.

Shiva Ganga is a horror, thriller and drama movie. The combination of these features add the weightage of the film. This is a movie of ghosts who came to take revenge on people who killed them. These ghosts were lovers and got married with their parents’ consent. The movie has a twist which makes it interesting. Want to know what’s the twist. Watch it and enjoy.

These were the few movies which I liked on ZEE5. There are lots of other movies, go to ZEE5, register and search your favourite movie.

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