Monday 29 June 2020

Normal to TheNewNormal

#TheNewNormal is totally a new term for me. It is recently that this term is gaining popularity. The new Normal would mean how we all are adapting to a new lifestyle. The COVID -19 pandemic has not only hit human beings' identity but also the financial condition of the world.

The awareness and the aftermath of Corona has left the world devastated. However, our species is really good at adapting. And this time our strategy is, “The New Normal”. One of the best examples of adapting to this change and making something wonderful out of it is, TikTok.

In TikTok, #TheNewNormal is the adaptation of a new lifestyle.

1.   MASK: Wearing a mask is now a wardrobe essential.

2.   DISINFECTING: is now an essential part of our lifestyle. No matter where you are, in the house or outside,  you have to sanitize yourself.

3.   Social Distancing: Everyone has learned this new way of living in the current times and rightly so. It is so important that while we are out, we maintain enough physical distance to ensure the safety of everyone.

4.   Work From Home: To prevent the spread of COVID-19, most companies or organization have adopted #WorkFromHome working style. On TikTok, you’ll find a lot of content talking about the good and bad outcomes of  #WorkFromHome. Most of the people have made arrangements in their house so that they can work from home and try to maintain the same productivity level. Online meetings, Webinars etc are now a part of normal work culture. Everyone has made themselves flexible to working from home. No doubt about it that working hours have been increased as compared to the previous working hours. You can see several working conditions people have posted on social media while working from home.

5.   Tech Savvy: This pandemic has made a lot of people tech-savvy. For example, teachers now have become accustomed to teaching online, an approach which they didn’t explore earlier. Additionally, kids have also adapted to this new method of learning.

Conclusion: Covid-19 has made some part of our lives worse but it has also given us a chance to adopt a new way of living. No doubt about it, that this new way of living is definitely a little hectic but it encourages us to take care of our health and cleanliness around us. It also teaches us if we hurt nature then in return, nature may uproot the human’s identity. Tiktok too has brought a change in the way we create and consume content online.



  1. At the end of the year, I can say that we've learnt to adjust with the new normal. Covid 19 has also taught us how to treat our environment and save our planet.

  2. The pandemic has been the harbinger of change like nothing else. It has had a devastating effect but there are so many positive learnings from it too.

  3. Inspite of so many changes i am still waiting for things to get back to normal. A world without masks and restrictions to go out most kids are under.

  4. I hope we can get back to the old normal sooner. Enough of this being stuck at home. I am tired of it.