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Science Question Series || Class 7 || Chapter : Nutrition in Plants

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Here are some fill up form question from the chapter Nutrition in plants of the science book of class 7. 

1. Carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals these components are also called___________.

 2. ___________is the mode of taking food by an organism

 3. The living organism which it only plants are called ________. 

4. The living organism which feed on other animals are called _________.

5. The living organisms which eat both plants and animals are called _____________.

6. ____________are those organisms which make their own food

7. In autotrophic mode of nutrition Auto means ______and trophic means _____________.

8. The process of making food with the help of carbon dioxide water and sunlight is called _________________.

9. Autotrophic mode of nutrition can occur in _______which have chlorophyll.

10. Plants are known as _____________.

11. Leave has small openings called ___________.

12.  The opening and closing of stomata are guarded by __________.

13. Starch is the other form of ____________.

14. ______________is the green substance present in the leaves.

15. ________________ absorbs the light from Sun.

16.  ______is the ultimate source of energy.

17. The green layer is formed by the growth of tiny green plants like organisms are called ___________.

18. Algae does not have proper _______, _________ and ___________.

19. The simplest food synthesized by the plants by photosynthesis is the simple carbohydrate called ________.

20. The green colour of algae is due to the presence of ______in them.

21. ______are the plants on which other organisms live and survive.

22. _______are those plants with drive the food and living resources from other plant.

23. An example of parasite plant is _________.

24. Another name of cuscuta is ________.

25. The non-green plants which obtain their food from dead and decaying organisms are called saprophytes

26. The fungi such as mushrooms bread mould and yeast are _________.

27. Mushroom is an example of ________.

28. Plants which eat insects are called _____________________.

29. Pitcher plant can be the example of ________________.

30. We can say that insectivorous plants are __________________.

31. The living of two different species of plants as if they are part of the same plant this is called _______________.

32. Symbiosis is a type of Nutrition evolving Symbiosis in the plants called ________.

33. The condition where two different organisms live together and help each other to survive is called _____________.

34. The crop plants grow in the field required nitrogen in maximum amount to make the __________.

35. The plants such as gram peace pulses and Beans are called ___________.

36. ____________ can convert Nitrogen gas of air into nitrogen compound.

37. A _____is the smallest unit of life.

38. _____are the building blocks for plants and animals

39. The jelly like material which fills the cell is called _______.

40. The two types of cell are ______ and __________.

41. The ______ protects the style and also control the passage of material.

42. All parts of animal cell are present in ______.

43. Parts of animal cells that have cell membrane _____and ____.

44. _____energy in absorbed by chlorophyll present in the leaves.

45 _____is released during photosynthesis.

46. The plant on which other plants lime is called _____.

47. Central located spherical structure called the _______.

48. The food synthesized by plants is stored as ______.

49. Most of the pulses are obtained from ________plants.

50. Many fungi derive nutrients from dead and decaying matter they are ______________.

 I hope this will help in your child in learning. Comment  "Answer please" in the comment section. I will provide answers of these questions.

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