Tuesday 25 August 2020

Review on Churails- a Web Series on women who cross the limits of patriarchy


ZEE5.COM is one of the leading OTT platform which has the varieties for entertaining audience. In my previous blog post I have mentioned some top rated movies on ZEE5 which belongs to South India and I introduced the ZEE5 Club Pack which is quite interesting and pocket-friendly too.
Today from ZEE5, I have picked a web series which is quite in limelight these days. The interesting name of this web series is CHURAILS. It’s not a horror web-series but an action thriller. Let’s talk about it.


Churails” is the story of four women who form a detective agency under the guise of a fashion store named “ Halal Designs”. The purpose of their detective agency to reveal the truth of unfaithful husbands.  These women self-proclaimed Churails and the whole story revolves around them. They all are from different background. A trophy wife, a boxer, a wedding planner, and an ex-convict who lived their life differently. Then what’s the common in them? They all held down by patriarchy which forced them to identify “Who is woman?” and  to prove that a woman can do anything, so don’t underestimate her”. Churails have a tag line Mardko Dard Hoga



Star Cast -Batool -Nimra Bucha, Zubaida-Mehar Bano, Sara-Sarwat Gilani Mirza, and Jugnoo-Yasra Rizvi and Director – Asim Abbasi. Churails is  gaining popularity because of the superb role played by all four women, theme of the series and impacting direction of the director. Churails is more electrifying because it showcased the story which audience had never  thought. The IMDb rating is 8.2/10 which clarifies the uniqueness of the series and how much it is admired by the audience.



Trailor is rocking and thriller scenes push to see all the 10 episodes. Churails is a Pakistani series which finally stream on ZEE5.com.

Here is the Title Track.


Churails gives a reference look of Bandit Queen, Khoon Bhari Mang and Jhansi ki Rani these movies showed a different form of woman.  This is true that a woman can be a soft upto her extreme level and can be a Churail upto her extreme level.


In the world, most of the women are treated as an unessential part of life therefore, she is being used like a toy. Here, to focus the women’s condition Churails has been introduced with good cinematography, storyline, good star cast and overall framed in a presentable frame which delivers that a woman can self-proclaimed as Churail. A self-obsessed line “Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota” by all men, was changed by these four women and make it “MardKo Dard Hoga”.  I like the way how all these soft-hearted women has changed themselves and adopted #MainChurailHoon.
My review for this web hitting series is fabulous where women have stood against patriarchy. It’s different from all those love stories, family drama, or any other thrilling based shows.
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  1. I loved the electrifying performance of each female character

  2. This is one of the best we series I have watched so far. The story is fabulous.