Saturday 10 October 2020

Consult doctor with Docstel


“Stay home stay safe”, this is one of the best mantras to keep you safe during this pandemic. We all have adopted the new normal in our life and out of all the new normal, consulting doctor via online is the safest for both doctor and patient with a no queue formula.

How will you approach a doctor via internet?

Answer: Docstel  , is a medium from where you get the doctor and the treatment. Docstel is a set of the finest doctors of all fields who are just a click away from you. They all are authorized medical practitioners with having years of experience.

 How can you consult the preferred doctor?

Answer: If you know which doctor you need then you have to click on the consultation tab and then click on the preferred doctor. In case if you don’t know, then you can talk to the supporting team, they will assist you and refer you to the preferred doctor.

Phone : 7838282915   Emal:

How Docstel works?

 Why you should choose Docstel?

Answer:  Docstel has a vast channel of experienced and specialized doctors. It also provides you attractive plans, which not only gives a feeling of family doctor but also saves your medical expenses.

Docstel is a digitalization domain which makes the treatment process hassle-free and keep you all records at one place digitally. It has the transparency of the whole process, you can check your doctor’s background at any point of time. This is the easiest process to reach to the docstel doctors from anywhere of the world.

 How many doctors and hospitals are attached with docstel?

Answer: More than 100 doctors are attached with their different specialization. It is also had tie-up with more than 30 hospitals.


Sometimes, we have to face a time-consuming process for getting the right treatment. We have to wait for the doctor and sometimes for the turn, which delayed the treatment. Docstel is the best solution all this tiring methods of getting treatment. Now, no need to wait for the treatment, and no more delays in getting the doctor's consultation. Docstel provides you a smooth path to reach to the doctor and get treated. All the specialized doctors are on a click away from you. You need to sign- up on the site and check your doctor under consultation tab of the website.



  1. Yes, the times and ways of doing things have changed, first slowly then quickly.

  2. Considering I haven't been to a doctor in many years, this would interest me for reference purposes.

  3. Who would have thought we would have virtual doctor visits. I've never heard of Docstel but look interesting.