Friday 9 October 2020

Geography Questions Series || Class 7 || Natural Vegetation and Wild Life.

 Dear Readers, 
Here I have made these fill ups from the geography  chapter Natural Vegetation and Wild Life. 

  1. The growth of vegetation depends on ________ and ________.
  2. The natural vegetation is generally classified into three broad categories: ________, ________, and ________.
  3. ________ grow where temperature and rainfall are plentiful to support a tree cover.
  4. The change in the type of natural vegetation occur mainly because of the change of ________.
  5. ________ grows in the region of moderate rain.
  6. The ________ forest in Brazil are also known as lungs of the Earth.
  7. ________, one of the world’s largest snakes is found in tropical rain forests.
  8. ________ regions are hot and receive heavy rainfall throughout the year.
  9. Tropical deciduous are also known as ________ forests.
  10. The ________evergreen forests are located in the mid latitudinal coastal region.
  11. ________ forests are found in the large part of India, North Australia and the Central America.
  12. Temperate evergreen forests comprise both ________ and ________ would trees like Oak, Pine etc.
  13. ________ trees adapt themselves to dry summers with the help of their thick barks and wax coated leaves.
  14. ________ forests are found in the north-eastern part of the USA, China, New Zealand and many other countries.
  15. Mediterranean regions are also knows as ________ for their food cultivation.
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  1. I think I might have flunked geography. :-) Good exercise though.

  2. An interesting story - I loved our Natural History of Oregon class in 1971-72!

    With the wildfires on the West Coast of North America this summer, we are seeing the effects of climate change, and 30 years of drought. Sad to witness

  3. Oh my -- I don't know the answers to many of these! I need to do a bit of reading...

  4. Looks like a great tool for home schooling! Very detailed! Great exercise.

  5. I'm looking forward to your "tests" but it shows I'm not the brightest student. LOL