Thursday 1 October 2020

Science Question Series || Class 7 || Chapter - Nutrition in Animals

Hello Readers, 

I hope these questions will help you in the preparation of your ward. 

1. The breaking down of food into simpler form is called ____________.

2. The process of taking food by an animal and its utilization in the body is called ____________.

3. The process of taking food into the body is called ____________.

4. The process in which the digested food passes through the intestinal wall into bloodstream is called ____________.

5. The process in which the undigested food is removed from the body is called ____________.

6. The process which the absorbed food is taken in by body self are used as energy growth and repair. It is called____________.

7. The canal through which food passes inside our abdomen is called ____________.

8. The chewed food get mixed with saliva secreted by ____________.

9. Saliva contains and enzyme called ____________.

10. Saliva makes the food soft so that it becomes easy to swell and chew this process is called ____________.

11. The ____________present in our mouth help in cutting tearing and grinding the food

12. The flat front teeth present in our mouth. These teeth are called ____________.

3. We have ____________incisors in our mouth.

14 the teeth that help in holding and tearing the food are called ____________.

15. ____________canines are present in our mouth.

16. There are ____________premolars present in our mouth.

17. ____________are the flat teeth with small projection present on both sides of the Jaws

18. There are ____________molar in our mouth

19. Another name of food pipe is of food pipe is ____________.

20. The first set of teeth which grow during are babyhood are called ____________.

21. The second set of teeth which is formed when the milk teeth get broken down is called ____________.

22. ____________ is a process in which the tooth becomes rotten due to the formation of cavity inside it leading to toothache.

23. Excess of sweet chocolate toffee ice-cream can be the cause of ____________.

24. That tongue is a muscular organ which is attached at the back of a ____________.

25. The food pipe is ____________long.

26 ____________is a flattened thick walled u shaped bag like.

27 stomach is the widest part of ____________.

28. Digestion and absorption of food takes place in the ____________.

29. ____________ is a reddish Brown sac like structure located on the right side of the upper part of the abdomen.

30. ____________is the largest organ in our body

31. Liver secretes ____________juice.

32. The ____________is situated under the stomach.

33. Pancreas secrete ____________juice.

34. The ____________ absorbs most of the water from the undigested food material.

35. The food that ruminants get stored in ____________.

36. The food gets partially digested in ____________.

37. ____________is the process of curing small of food by the animals.

38. ____________is a single celled organism.

39. The most important feature in ____________if that it has no fixed shape.

40. ____________is a structure present on the wall of small intestine.

41. ____________is a complex carbohydrate that can be digested by ruminants.

42. In ____________ food gets completely digested.

43. The human beings cannot digest ____________carbohydrate present in plant food

44. Milk teeth are replaced by ____________.

45. The ____________help in mixing saliva with food.

46. Food reaches the stomach by ____________.

47. ____________Digest its food in the food vacuole.

48. An example of the animal which can chew the cud is ____________.

49. The stomach grass eating animals is divided into ____________Chambers.

50. ____________is the first and biggest chamber of the stomach of grass eating animals.


  1. I was struggling with what I wanted my son to work on in Homeschooling this morning and were going to use your post and he can research answers to your questions. Thank you for taking the time to put together this post.

  2. Many of these questions have multiple answers.

  3. Oh, this kind of thing will be so helpful to homeschoolers. And like the other mother said, I wish I had had it when I was homeschooling my son. I'd let him research the answers.

  4. I think I need to go back to school. LOL these are great questions and definitely would be great for homeschooling lessons.