Friday 2 October 2020

Science Questions Series || Class 7 || Acids, Bases and Salts


Dear Reader, 

Here is the worksheet from the chapter Acids, Bases and Salt.

1. Acids, bases, and salts are the three important groups of _______ compounds.

2. Our stomach makes  __________ acid which helps in digestion of food.

3. _______ are special types of chemicals which are used to test whether a given substance is an acid or base.

4. An _______ is a 'dye' that changes colour when it is put into an acid or a base. 

5. _______, _______, and _______ are naturally occurring indicators.

6. _______ solution is a purple coloured dye which is extracted from a type of plant called lichen.

7. Acid turns _______litmus red. 

8. Acid turns china rose indicator to _______ colour. 

9. ________ is a bright yellow powder obtained from a plant called haldi.

10._______ indicator is colourless in acid solution. 

11. The substance whose solutions do not change the colour of any indicator in any way are called _______ substances.

12. The acids present in plants and animals are called _______ acid or _______ acid. 

13. _______ acid is found in vinegar.

14. The proteins in our body are made up of acids which are known as _______ acids.

15. Acids which are present in earth's crust are known as _______ acids.

16. _______ acid is used in oil industry, in manufacture of several chemicals.

17. _______ acid is used in the batteries of vehicles and toys.

18. The rain which contains a higher level of acid than normal rain is called _______ rain.

19. _______ are the chemical opposite of acids.

20. A substance which can neutralize  an acid to form a salt (and water) is called a _______.

21. Bases have _______ taste.

22. A base which is soluble in water is called an _______.

23. _______ is used in household cleaning and in the manufacture of fertilizers and plastics.

24. _______ is used in whitewashing of buildings, neutralization acidity of soil, etc. 

25. The reaction in which an acid reacts with a base to form salt and water is called _______. 

26. A common antacid used for curing indigestion due to acidity is _______. 

27. _______ value is figure which measures the acidity or alkalinity of soluble substances. 

28. _______ is used as a fungicide. 

29. _______ solutions are good conductor of electricity. 

30. Bases are _______ in taste and _______ in touch.

Hope this worksheet will help in checking the knowledge of the child. 


  1. This is a very comprehensive worksheet! It will definitely help kids learn all about acids, bases and salts. I loved worksheets like this when I was in school!

  2. Thank you for another lesson for my son to use in Science. Your making teaching him a breeze and saving me from a nervous breakdown.

  3. I like it. We need more of this brain-teasers post on the Web :-) - Jojo Reyes Jr