Wednesday 17 February 2021

How to reduce fat without any strict diet or exercise?


Demand of unhealthy food is increasing as compared to the healthy food. This intake of unhealthy food leads to saturated fat, which could be the reason of obesity and major diseases.
If we talk about women, fat gets deposited into their lower body parts very fast. Gaining fat is always frustrating to anybody because it dis-align the body structure, and it disturbs the mental health too. Reducing fat is not a piece of cake but yes, if you change your lifestyle than you can slowly and steadily burn your extra fat.
The given below points helps you in reducing fat:-
 1. Removal of oily food from your daily diet: The significance of removing oily food from your life is to restrict fat-deposition in the body. 
 2. Keep yourself hydrated: It means that you have to increase your intake of water upto 7 to 8 glasses in a day. This amount of water helps you in hydrating your body and flushing of toxins. 
 3. High fibre diet: This diet helps in removing the fat from the body and will not allow further fat-deposition.
 4. Scheduled Diet: This point is one of the major points. You need to have your food on time. Because, if you have not fixed your time for eating then instead of giving you good health, food will create toxin in the body. Timely food brings disciple in your body and on the other hand slow down the process of fat growing cells.
 5. Divide your meal into small portions: This is the best way for controlling the appetite. First, decide the meals of the day and then divide the whole meal into smaller portions. A best way to control your extra appetite. The benefits of this technique is that it keeps your belly-full feeling and motivate you not to eat more.

 Many doctors have divulged through their studies that a human being can carry the most fat in the middle area and that’s the reason fat deposited in this area first. And yes, it does affect us in many ways. This also increases the risk of heart problems and high blood pressure. Our bums also reveals the health of a man/woman. The above points also help you out in maintaining the body shape and body’s lower part.

Why a person should have strong butts?
The answer of this question is butts have one of the strongest muscles of our body, which helps in maintaining the body structure, its movement and its balance. So, we all should have strong butts instead of fatty butts. 
 Could you believe that a cream can also help you in shaping your buttocks?
Namyaa– Bum Cream for pumping and toning , Namyaa has introduced a natural Brazilian Bum cream, which claims that it will improve the butt’s strongness and helps in toning.  

Best features:
Helps enhance the volume feel and looks.
Bring back to its shape and give curve to it. 
It is suitable to all skin. 

 Ingredients of this cream:
Chamomile Nutmeg
Macadamia seed oil, it is rich in fatty acid and nutrient composition.
Anemarrhena asphodeloides (Root)

Benefits of this cream:
This cream is like a medicine where you not only give beauty to your butts but also give strength. It will also enhance your personality by giving a proper shape and feminine charm to a woman’s sensuality. In simple words, you can say it is a butt lifting cream with all natural ingredients. The brand assures you that the cream is very free from harmful chemicals, synthetic fragrance, or any kind of harmful additives. 

How to use this cream ?
 You need to take a required amount of Namyaa– Bum Cream for pumping and toning , in your hand, rub it and then apply on your butts and gently rub till it gets absorbed into the skin completely. You have to use this cream twice a day, i.e. first in the morning and then at night before going to bed. It is recommended to use the cream in this way for atleast six weeks to get the assured results.
Availability : You can buy it from Flipkart, Amazon, Nykaa or from their Website.
Conclusion : 'Namyaa' is India’s leading natural skincare company which has launched a Bum cream for plumping and toning. This cream helps in giving good shape to butts and also gives a good texture to the skin. It's impressive natural ingredients makes the product worthy.

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  1. To reduce excess fat from our body, we have to combine exercise with proper diet. I do not support dieting as there is no point in starving ourself. It might work at that moment, but in log run, it will damage our body.

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  6. I believe there should be a balance between a good diet and exercise for long term weight loss. It should be a lifestyle change and not something one days for just a few weeks.

  7. these are very practical tips that you shared. In addition to this, 1 thing that has helped me a lot is avoiding packed and processed foods. As a family we try to eat home made foods as far as possible and that has improved our health a lot.

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