Friday, 2 April 2021

B For Biodiversity Loss - #BlogchatterA2Z

When we heal the earth, we heal ourselves. By David Orr
Our Earth is a territory where the number of species live on land and water. These species have their own importance and influence in the environment. This influence on the environment is Biodiversity, I t is also called a chair of interconnection or interdependent. If we remove any element of this change, the whole change will disturb.  
Mahatma Gandhi once told that the earth has everything for the need of the people but not for their greed. Human are harming and diminishing natural resources for their greed, which creates an imbalance in the nature.
Earth has balanced biological resources, which maintains the biodiversity of flora and fauna. Human beings depends on biodiversity and increasing population and human greed continuously affecting the biodiversity.
Despite of knowing the significance of the biodiversity our pattern of living is not changed which leads to biodiversity loss. The only main cause of this issue is Human Being who never stops the over consuming natural resources. Over consumption, leads to cutting more trees and more hunting which creates misbalance in the natural habitat.
This is one of the major aspect of environmental issues, which should be raise and take care of it with full attention.
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