Tuesday 6 April 2021

E for Effect On Marine Life #BlogchatterA2Z


Oceans plays a major role in the ecosystem. Any harm to the oceans will cause an imbalance in the environment. Oceans occupied a major part of the Earth which proves that its contribution is unexpected and immeasurable. 

The existence of life under the water bodies mainly in ocean is called Marine life. It has been affected from last few decades in a pace. Human beings are the main cause of it. Increase  in the population of human beings have increased the dependency on natural resources. People who are living near the coastal areas are dependent on waterbodies due to this, there is  an increase in the high fishing rate and high dumping of waste material into water. 

High Rate of Fishing: The effect of high fishing is not only ruining the marine life but also decreasing the number of sea animals on a fast rate. 

Dumping of waste material: Human beings have raised their dumps into water like sewage water,  chemical, plastic  bags, plastic bottles, and plastic material. 

All these marine pollution will affect the number of marine habitats and other life in the water. Due to these factors the animals may get died or standing on the stage  of endangered animals.

We need to focus on marine pollution and took a pledge that " we will not through  any waste in water and encourage other to do same"

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  1. I just watched seaspiracy today and then this article came up. It's just sad to see what we've come to as a specie.

  2. Marine life balances the human life too, so it is very vital to save it from all troubles. Your post makes us a responsible citizen.